Do you honestly think marijuana will ever become legal?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Do you think in our lifetimes it will ever become completely legal like alcohol, and our time will be known as marijuana prohibition, or will it remain illegal forever?
  2. In our lifetimes, no, although marijuana will continue to become decriminalized in various states across the country.

    In future generations, yes, marijuana will either be legal or totally decriminalized.
  3. when i become prsident the first thing im gonna do is start sellin weed outta gas stations just like alchi

    would you vote for me?....fuck it! ondrugz for president!
  4. I'm an optimist for the most part,

    and yes I think it will become legal.

    One day someone will sit down and say- why is it illegal?

    And that will be the end of it- once someone with enough intellegence comes into power.
  5. Anythings legal as long you dont get caught.
  6. Yes

  7. Here in the UK weed went from Class A to Class C. so it's almost legal, if you get caught with small amouts an oz or less them they just take it from you and let you on your way unless your a dealer then your in touble!

    I've been smoking and the police walked by all he said to me was " It's a bit early for that mate"
  8. What do you guys think the cure for Global Warming is going to be?

    To me, it's the only explanation for Government Officials buying into this whole Global Warming swindle. After the consolidation of the Middle East Union into the World Union, we will be free to pursue whatever we want... but not until American businessmen can make sure that they get in their hands in all the world's Cannabis production.

    You guys do know that Cannabis Hemp is the only plant on the planet fibrous and plentiful enough to replace fossil fuels as the world's primary source of energy. Plus it can replace every textile and fabric industry on the planet as well as become one of the most prominent substance found in food and medicine. The United States Built it's wealth on Cannabis production, then tricked the world into demonizing it until they found out how to make sure all the world's cash flow is coming through America.

    Why do you guys think 90% of all automobiles on the road in America are "flex-fuel" cars meaning they can run on e85 Ethanol which can only be produced in quantities large enough to fuel Nations by the Cannabis plant? When they re-legalize it and convert all gasoline production into e85 production this country won't miss a beat.

    Yes, after the wars in the Middle East it will be time to re-legalize Cannabis... or start a revolution.

    As a realist, I know Cannabis will be re-legalized.

    Spread the word and spread it loud... Cannabis is the cure for Global Warming!
  9. ^^^HAHAH!

    There is too much ignorance for a forum of 64,272+ to fight against. Perhaps one day, but the next decade isn't looking bright :(
  10. They laughed a Jules Verne, aswell... then a century later we put a man on the moon.

    Any non-baboons wanna reply to my post?
  11. I wasn't laughing as an insult, I was laughing because I found it amusing that global warming can be fixed by such a simple thing.

    And if you haven't heard yet, Global Warming is presumed to be a myth:

    Put that in your educated pipe and smoke it.

    EDIT: I think I came off too strong, sorry about that. But I wasn't laughing as an insult, as long as you know that. Perhaps you should make a thread about this, people probably have something to say to this.
  12. if enthanol, can be the solution y hasnt been exposed really,would it be just as powerful. If so it would legalized for sure. i have my doubts though.:confused_2:

    maybe in canada? in 2011?
  13. I used the word swindle in my very post... I know Global Warming is a hoax. But what I did was think a little farther about why this hoax exists and is supported by every political figure on the world's stage.

    We are all getting beaten into our brains that e85 Ethanol is going to replace fossil fuels. The only problem is that we don't have a plentiful enough resource to replace all our fossil fuels... yet, not until they re-legalize cannabis hemp anyway.

    Any further increases in Global temperatures will then be explained to the public with what the real cause is... the Earth's relation to the sun and clouds. Maybe then the public can be enlightned to the fact the Earth operates on approximately 10,000 year geological cycles and tracking temperature changes over the course of 300 years a bit asanine.
  14. Maybe when the younger generation ends up taking spots in government and politics. There are still older guys from the back then time of don't smoke. So who knows, anything is possible, just need to concern ourselves with more then just smoking. I.E medical marijauna, hemp plants and so on. Some day we will have it ma 2 cents

    until then,

    colt 45 and 2 zig zags baby thats all we need,
    we can go to the park, after dark
    smoke that tumbleweed,
    as the marijauna burn we can take our turn,
    singing them dirty rap songs.
    Stop and hit the bong like cheech and chong
    and sell tapes from here to hong kong
    so roll roll roll my joint pick out the seeds and stems
    gettting high as hell, driving through palmdale
  15. Im perfectly happy with they way it is now. Its easy to get, not you have to hide...woopty doo. Take the good with the bad.

  17. You hit the nail on the head.
  18. I just think it will be highly de-criminalized (ie Alaska) in the US in the future and EVENTUALLY it will be legal but that will be in a long time.
  19. Canada is coming very close.


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