Do you hold on to special/meaningful experiences even if they are not in your best interest?

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    Do you ever have those experiences where you realize in the moment and thinking back on an experience and you kind of say to yourself that wow, that is a once in a lifetime type of conversation, or setting, or person you have met. Like that kind of conversation or chemistry or experience you had will most likely only happen and feel that way just once.  
    I feel that life is about filling it with as many meaningful things as possible.  I want to make my life interesting.  I want to experience things.  Experience cool things, fun things, deep meaningful things, weird things, happy things, romantic things. Just cool shit. 
    It seems to me that those "once in a lifetime" type of experiences are the ones I want to hold on to the most.  Sometimes you try to replicate that experience...even if it may not really be the "right thing to do" or "in your best interest" or the healthy thing or the wise thing or the thing your friends would probably advise you to NOT do if they knew you were doing it.  
    Would you/Do you hold on to those type of experiences and replicate them even if they are really not that great for you just because those experiences do you have some kind of special meaning to them or whatever.
    Or do you say nope, this isn't good for me so therefore I will not get close to that thing or behavior or person or what have you.
    I see the things in life that are those once in a lifetime type of deal to be the most valuable experiences (of course tif they provide me happiness in some shape or form like I actually enjoy it) and I strive to have as many as possible.  But where do you draw the line and say nope life is about getting on with it and have a job and a family.  How long can those once in a lifetime type deals be the most valuable?
    Maybe none of this makes any sense whatever.  Maybe it's just been a while since I've smoked.  Maybe I'm being extremely vague haha.  Any replies? :p
    And no this is not about getting high...

  2. Depends if you want to live in the past attempting to replay certain once in a lifetime experiances, like myself until about half a year a ago.

    Back then i didnt give a shit about work, money, having a gf, car all tht shit all i cared about was been with the crew gettn up to mischeif. To me; they were my once in a lifetime experiances, yet when you try do these things over and over to get that same experiance as the first you realise its not going to ever happen again hence why it is a ' once' in a lifetime experiance.

    Im also not talking about seshing or raving/clubbin partyn and getting off head every weekend either but i have actually had once in a lifetime experiances with pot numerous times
  3. i have this shelf with a bunch of memories on it, from kid to now. i just kept putting shit on there from good times i had with family or friends and cool experiences i had coming up in the world.

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    Remember, this whole life is a once in a lifetime experience.
    Each moment is once in a life time. Don't spend it holding on to past moments, as if bringing those moments in to the present will somehow bring you closer to those moments. Those moments have passed. Experience the once in a lifetime experience before you and you never what you might find.
  5. I don't believe in "once in a lifetime", We experience joy more than once, and countless experience give us joy.
  6. I'll be completely honest. There is a guy I've been seeing who is so not there emotionally. I love a deep sense of intimacy in my relationships. And he just isn't there. But the sex is out of his world. I. can't even describe it what it feels like without not giving it justice to how amazing and exhilarating it is. But it is only momentary fulfillment. But they are experiences like no other. Euphoric phenomenal fantastically connected and the sexual and physical chemistry is like no other. Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum

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