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Do you have your first piece?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smoking Buddah, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. sry about the spelling.... i'm blazed.....

    How many of you still have your first pice from when you started tokin up? I have mne still, it's never been scraped out yet.. 4 years of resin build up!!! hehehehe
  2. i loved my first piece.... it came for free with my bubbler, cost 35 alltogether. it was a thick glassy, but now its dead :(
    beer + vicodin + weed = dropped glass
  3. I still have my first piece, but I'm not stupid enough to use it anymore. It's a $3 metal pipe made with a thimble for a bowl with ceramic carvings on the outside that I got in Guatemala. I keep it put away somewhere, but I never use it anymore. It really is a peice of shit.
  4. my first piece got stolen along with a half o and another one of my friends first pieces. they even stole the lighters and eyedrops :(
  5. man people suck. i still got my first piece its my one and only. love the thing to death my birthdays in 12 days so with that money im either gonna buy weed or maybe a new piece. or quite possibly both.
  6. some dingbat broke my first one :(
  7. mine was a stone and sadly we had to throw her in the river. damn cops bustin the bon fire
  8. i been going for only just some time over a year, a few months more i think, dunno.

    but i still have the first peice i baught, i got it the day i started, it was like i knew i'd need it. so i'll never get rid of it.
  9. I still have my first piece. :) My ten inch green glass bong. "Green Latern." Although I let my idiot friends borrow the slide, and they left it on THEIR MOMS BED! What a place to leave it. Needless to say, I don't have a slide for it anymore, although she told me she'd give it back to me, but she's not sure where she put it. My friends haven't even offered to pay me back for it, or to buy me a new slide, even though I drove them out to buy a slide for their bong. Bastards.

    Whoops, forgot to add an angry face. :mad: Ahh, much better.
  10. i dropped my first piece in school and then picked up the pieces and ran like hell while my teachers watched, i still have it tho!
  11. my first peice was a bottle pipe,but if worked like a charm,i had to thro it away cuz of the piggers
  12. I got my first piece when i was 12, Buy my parents found it and of course took it, It was a Blue Metal Piece, then i had a glass spoon. and both were taken. I got them at the same time so i guess they were both my first pieces.
  13. my first real piece... well my first peice was actually an tin foil pipe i made and threw away. but my first REAL peice was a nice spoon that a cop threw into the lake by where he found me and my "buds" =(. that made me a sad panda
  14. I just got my first REAL piece yesterday actually, its this phat ass glass bowl soooooooo gorgeous, it has 3D effects like its not smoothe its so sweet. So yea i do :)
  15. I actually sold back my first glass piece to the person I bought it from.
    The first brand new piece I got was dropped by somebody who claimed they were drunk after having less than 3 shots.
  16. My first piece got stolen 2 weeks after I bought it :(
  17. My first piece was stolen out of my vehical about a week after I got it. It was a 4" blue ccg spoon. They didn't take anything else, but the spoon.. my next one was a double chamber acrylic. It was dropped and broke. I still have it though,lol..
  18. i got my first pipe in the 9th grade during some play in the auditorium. i payed 5 bucks for it. it was a homemade pvc pipe my friend had made. i used it for 2-3 years, never cleaned it, and used foil for the bowl. i've still got it but i don't smoke out of it anymore. it got me high though even if i did get some shit in my mouth and burned my throat every now and then.
  19. peter piper :(

    my first bowl, peter piper, was a glass spoon with spiders all over the piece. i sold it to a friend and he lent it to one of his friends and *shatter*

    my next piece was an 18" acryllic and some bastard stole it, a quarter of hash plant, all of my smoking tools (pokey tool, roach clip, razor blade (for cutting cigars), papers...), a friend's piece made from a sick chemistry set and a fifth of jose cuervo.

    my newest piece, the only one i still have, is a tiny glass spoon. "my little helper" is turning into quite a color-changing fiend. he gets prettier and prettier every time i use him.

    sorry if i gave TMI, but i loved those pieces :(
  20. Hell yeah. My first piece was a metal pipe i got at a head shop for cheap. I got it during the summer around June. I cleaned it out once a month to get all the resin. Nothing to scream about but got the job done right up until december. The last time i used it was with my younger bro during a wake and bake. Not long after that my younger brother, inhereted The Crack Pipe.

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