Do you have ugly friends?

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    I know this sounds shallow, and its not whats on the outside its whats on the inside and all that jazz... but people perceive you based upon who you surround yourself with. If you are out at the club, movies , anywhere, and you are with a a group of ugly friends, girls will be much less likely to approach you, or much less interested in you if you approach her. In a perfect world looks wouldn't matter and the pretty girl in the room would be accepting and make friends with your friends because they are good people. But the world is not perfect and looks matter.
    Would you hang out with an ugly or fat person in public, or make friends with an ugly or fat person?

  2. Haha what the fuck kind of topic is this?

    You're right, it does sound incredibly shallow
  3. No. No uggos, no fatties, no juggalos.
  4. Every girl needs 2-3 ugly friends. They're the ones who you take out on girls night out, so you look DAMN good haha
  5. Yeah I do, because i'm not a prick who judges people without knowing them. I know 'fatties' who probably get way more poon than you.
  6. don't we all? its not like i will only be friends with attractive people. but when we do go out trying to get d i try to invite the less attractive that bad?lol
  7. hahaha at least im not alone. Its not bad, just really really smart. ;)
  8. Yes I do. I have no interest in anyone who's going to be a dick to my friends just based on their looks anyway.
    You guys are more kind than I am I'm kind of an asshole haha
    I'm just saying that if you surround yourself with good looking people you are more likely to attract good looking people... although they may not have a good personality ... I'm not materialistic .. but I am a bit superficial.. I care about personality too and I'm into all that spiritual shit .. but I still won't be caught in public with an ugly girl on my arm :/  Wish I had Shallow Hal vision
  10. Plus ugly people have bad genes .. like it or not its true.  
    i wouldn't reproduce and raise a family with an ugly person. That sounds awful but if you have good genes why would you want to mix them with some shitty ones .. have ugly kids and shit . not saying its guaranteed. You could have the most beautiful children with an ugly person genetics is all a roll of the dice.. but the odds are much more in your favor if you reproduce with a good looking person who is in shape and has good bone structure or whatever 
  11. Trust me this makes you way uglier than the "ugly" people you surround yourself with
  12. Nah if you met me you'd like me 
  13. You're missing the point!
  14. Come to think of it not really. I have one friend I'd deem as ugly, but all of the others are good looking people. Maybe subconsciously I don't like ugly people enough to befriend them...huh
  15. I think all my friends are beautiful. I may be biased, but I can still see they are gorgeous. :)
    And yes, I would have no problem being friends with someone who was fat and ugly. I used to be that girl haha
  16. Taking out "ugly" friends to make yourself look better only shows what you think about yourself and your own "good looks"."You can cover dog shit in gold, but its still gunna be dog shit" -A nigga named JamaicanBaconSent from my HTC One X using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. By chance no all my friends are attractive but what i find attractive may be ugly to others. Either way i don't care :laughing:
  18. All above average.
  19. My homies are ugly as fuc! Thats why I'm the first to get the panties when were out. But my dogs are my dogs so we gone get to where were goin together. And take the ugly girls to the top with us, the need love too. Ima just give um the d though. 
    Hey, you sound alot like me

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