Do you have to use filters?

Discussion in 'General' started by EvilFlippy, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. When using a pipe, do you have to use filters?
  2. I never use screens in my glass. Only reason you'd need to is if the hole is really big like on a Roor style bowl.
  3. You mean a screen? No.
  4. unless he is using an actual tobacco pipe that come with the filters in them

    but i hope you mean screens, and it is a no. The point of a screen is to top you from sucking the bud through into your mouth, or pulling bud through into the bong water on a bong
  5. not you don't have to man

    my experience with metal pipes like that is you will most definately be getting ash in your mouth though
  6. Dont spend 30$ on that ugly pipe, go to a headshop and you can get a sick glass spoon for the same price.
  7. Lewbowski has a point, I spent 15.99 on this lovely glass

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  8. i love that bowl anarkin

    my bowl was 20 and was more jealous
  9. Yeah man, glass rocks. I got my newest spoon for 30 at my head shop.

    That's one cool piece Anarkin, especially for that price..

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  10. This was taken while back, and it's one of the only pictures i have of any of my stuff. I don't own a camera, so that makes it tough.

    But you can see one of my favorite glass pipes in the background. I just think it's crazy because it's checkered.

    The bud is out of focus, so i'm not sure if i posted this picture. That was an eigth i got. That lighter still works too, i just smoked a joint with it.

    (( Can you find the canadian quarter? ))

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  11. can you find the picture:rolleyes:

    ADD: cool bowl R_M, that checkered fits your kind of personality id say:smoke:

  12. Haha i found it, it's there now, sorry.

    I'm a little stoned, haha!
  13. After a while you get used to the pipe showering your mouth with ash. I become so accustomed to it that I miss it when I blaze out of someone elses smoking device.

    It kind of has a rice like flavour, rice and some type of metal. Copper maybe, or aluminum.

    MMMM gotta love that ash.

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