Do you have to LST in a circle?

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  1. I am growing outdoors in wide 5g pots with the bottoms cut out and barried in more soil. Right now I have been just tieing the branches down and keeping them spread out around the pot so that each stem has full access to sunlight. Sort of like scrogging but without a screen. I have spaced the plants far enough apart so I can spread out the stems quite a bit.

    Is this optimal for more yield or does training them to go in a spirtal a lot better?

  2. wish i could help you but i am seeking same answer.
  3. i think you can train them in any shape you want but it would be a better use the outline of the pot

  4. Wouldn't the multiple stems eventually overlap or leaves overlap each other if each stem if wound around the pot?

    As you can see in my expert photo that with my pot the leaves don't overlap any part of any other existing plant (No shadow being cast upon other portion of the plant)

    From what I understand from coiling around the pot with tradional LST leaves/stems will overlap and cast shadows on other leaves.

    If there is a shadow there is less production through photosynthesis compared to full direct sunlight?

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  5. It's all about keeping the tops even. You can train em however you like. The plant will make the bud that's highest up the biggest, if you can get em all pretty much even, you get more big buds. I just tie mine all over the place. If there's a tall one, tie it down.
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  6. I prefer your method , I.e training the branches down, rather than in a circle, thats what Ive been doing.

    Working on a LST method with 5-6 Nodes , a 6 branch LST in a star shape, bent parallel . Lower shoots trimmed to encourage vertical growth , meanwhile , a Top/FIM on the remaining nodes , The Bottom branches catch up to the "canopy" but are longer and outside the Topped/FIM'd branches at the top nodes...

    If that makes any sense...
  7. I wish I'd said that...


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