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Do you have to hold it in your mouth?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herbloob, Feb 9, 2014.

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    I noticed some places on the web say to hold the pot in your mouth to cool, is this nessecery, I normally just inhale right into my lungs, is that alright. Also do you let go of the carb at the end of the hit and inhale the last bit of smoke? I was wondering why else there would even be a point. Thanks!

    PS - last night was the first time I've smoked pot, I didn't really feel much, I smoked 2 bowls. Didn't get hungry or anything, just lightheaded, muscles felt week and really tired, nothing mentally seemed to happen. Is that what it's supposed to feel like? I made sure to hold it for 5 secs.
  2. Lol theres no bylaws to tokin up man just do what feels right.

    Took me like 5 times before I got high
  3. inhale the smoke. on top of that take a full deep breath hold and exhale. thts how i do it. your first time smoking its hard to get high. try again and youre likely gonna get high the next time. i dont see how cooling it in mouth will do anything. its just gotta get to your alveoli
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    thats gay as fuck
  5. Maybe it's the weed

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  6. I hold it in my mouth every now and then if its a really nice strain and taste good. But, other then getting to taste it longer, there really is no point to hold it in your mouth.
  7. Depends on how big your hit is.
    If you're taking a massive hit and it isn't an immediate all at once thing...slow draw. Then it doesn't matter you're already holding it in essentially.
    If it's a small puff I hold for 2-3 seconds and I notice a difference vs immediate exhale like tobacco. Not a huge one and you'll definitely get high even if you don't. Never leave smoke in the chamber. If you did, then you need to be able to clear right after...otherwise your smoke will taste stale.
    Try taking a more conservative hit if you run into that a lot.
    and make sure you actually inhale. I know a guy that was used to smoking cigars all the time and never actually inhaled...he just let it pool in his mouth and then let it out and complained about not getting high. He was one of those guys who smoked quarters in a few days and was super arrogant about everything. But if that's your thing and you want it to do less in a group sesh or something then go for it.
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    Cigars? You're not supposed to inhale cigar smoke... You're only supposed to keep it in your mouth. Unless, you meant to say "blunts?"
  9. I meant to say he never actually inhaled MJ smoke because he was used to smoking cigars all the time. Guess he figured it was the same LOL.
  10. Oh, sorry, that is what you said. I didn't read it right, sorry about that.
  11. I'm sometimes a tad vague lol.
  12. remember to cup the balls
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    Hold it in your mouth sure but if you really love me you'll just swallow it

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  14. If i hold it i feel that i get a lot higher. But that might just be me idk
  15. Never hold it in the mouth
  16. you arent higher. youre depriving your body of oxygen longer you hold in. so blood rushes on exhale making u feel higher
  17. I mean not for long like two/three seconds, would this not really effect how high I would get?
  18. oh yeah u need to hold 2/3 secs. imtalking past 5 secs is unnecessary.
  19. That's not true the only reason to hold smoke in your mouth is if you're trying to do smoke tricks

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