Do you have to be booked after you're arrested?

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  1. I was arrested last week for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia and let go later that night. I'm pretty sure I was never booked. They said it would take a few months before I was contacted for an arraignment.

    Do they have to book you if they arrest you? They let me go without having to post any bail or anything so what should I expect? Can I go down to the police station and get a copy of the police report, or do I have to wait until I go to court?
  2. If they took your fingerprints and pictures of you then yes they did book you. Usually you have to wait for first appearance in front of a judge(usually the next day unless you get arrested in the morning) before they with ROR you.

    And i dont know your state laws so I dunno what you should expect but if it was only a misdemeanor then you'll probably only get probation or some kind of drug class(if its your 1st charge)
  3. They never took my picture or fingerprinted me. It's been about a week since they let me go and I haven't heard anything from them. I haven't seen a judge, or had an arraignment, or a trail, or anything.
  4. did they take any personal info from which they can contact you?
  5. Maybe they misplaced your paperwork - Thu its all on computer now so thats unlikely.
    They didn't fingerprint or picture you, so you weren't arrested, or booked. Likely it was treated as a citation. You will get a letter in the mail to show up for court and get a fine/community service.
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    From the NORML website:
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    different states vary but it took about 3 weeks before i got my paper work then i had court a week or two later

    if anything look in the phonebook for your county's clerk of the court and give them a call...they will ask for your name and probably your social security number
  8. You may have been cited, but if they arrested you I can't see how you could avoid a mugshot and printing. Sounds like they scared you but didn't really arrest you, any may or may not actully get after you about a court date.
  9. Simple.

    If you get a citation in the mail, take it to an attorney. He'll get it dropped.

    If no citation comes, lucky day bro.
  10. Well, I'm pretty sure I was arrested. They towed my car, read me my rights, cuffed me, took me back to the station, and questioned me and had me pee in a cup (which they tested right there and came back positive), but they didn't take my picture, fingerprint me, or put me in a cell at any point. They took down my personal info off my license, but that was about it. I was surprised that they let me go that night. The whole thing took about 4-5 total. The cop that arrested me even gave me a ride home and gave me all the info to get my car back and a number for a taxi to get there. He even said when we were down at the station that he was expecting there to be at least a quarter pound or so. It would be nice if all I got was a citation, that would really make my day :)
  11. "read me my rights"

    At that point your only words should have been "I want a lawyer."

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