Do you have the Volcano vaporizer ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TMA_KSF, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. Hey..
    I'm interested in buying this vaporizer ..The Volcano..
    But i still really got some big doubts if its worth the money ,afterall it cost about 425 $+ shipping ..seems VERY expensive ..

    I would be very gratefull if someone that already has bought the volcano would tell me about their experiences with it ....

    Thanks ,Best regards

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  2. i think its quite amazing there normally 700 dollars so i would get this its worth it best thing ive ever smoked out of
  3. I've seen them in action, never got to try it but its the shit!

    If jesus smoked the herb (he probably did), he would of used the volcano.
  4. I finally got one.... The Renolds oven bag people must love volcano users.:)
  5. i don't own a volcano but my friend on my floor had one. it was AMAZING. a decent bowl pack makes for 5+ bags of vap. it gets you really high for an efficient amount of weed. its def worth it
  6. Whoa did the original post really start in 2001, lol?

    I've had a Volcano for about two years, and I would definitely agree that it is amazingly efficient. It is pricey up front, but if you can afford it then I would completely recommend it.
  7. So, OP, did you have to return your volcano for warrenty repairs at any point in the past 10 years?
  8. With only 6 posts in 10 years, my bet is that he bought the Volcano and completely forgot about coming back to this thread, among many other things :hippie:

  9. hes probably still too blazed 10 yrs later to remember GC exists
  10. This fucking guy.....fucking guy lol
  11. Lol 10 year old thread.
  12. 10 years ago, the 'Cano was the best vape on the market, however, nowadays, there are a lot of other options to consider.
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    you know what, i almost want to rep you because i don't think i've seen a longer necro post, and that's extra style points since it was your very first post! :hello::hello::hello::mad:
  14. Holy shit, this is a ten year old thread.
  15. Wowwww! Wth lol, I had no idea when I posted on here.

    Do you think the OP was still waiting for a reply?
  16. I would rather have 2 ounces than a volcano vaporizer.
  17. Nah man, certain situations call for vaporization. There's a big difference between that and combustion, which creates all of the smell of smoking. Vaporizers are good for dorms, apartments, and houses where the landlord/workers just drop in on you. Healthier as well.
  18. It


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