Do you have tattoos that you regret?

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  1. Do guys have any tattoos that you regret?


    I'm just curious. :smoke:
  2. Kind of. Not the tattoo itself. But what it represents and what it reminds me of when I see it.
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    ^^^ Same. I have a tattoo on my uper back that I got when I was 18. I was pretty heavy into unmentionables..

    But the tat says DREAM

    If nobody knows the transplants it stands for Drugs Rule Everything Around Me..

    Well I dont do the unmentionables anymore but im still just as cool to hang around as I always was.

    -but I mean it can have other meanings also. Just the original meaning isnt that awesome.

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  4. I will get a tattoo of nanners with 'nanners' tattooed on the tattoo of nanners

    then regret it
  5. Thanks for sharing...

    Idk... sounds like a pretty sweet tattoo...
  6. The one on my penis where it looks like a UFO is abducting someone xD
  7. Haha... are you serious? That would be an awkward session.
  8. My friend got a tramp stamp that says "wreckless" .. took everything in me not to make a car insurance joke.
    No, I don't have any tatts :(
    so no tatt regrets yet.
  9. what would be a good regrettable tattoo?

    i assume some GC ink would be relevant..
  10. I almost got a ruler tattooed on my shaft. Glad I didn't follow through

  11. [​IMG]
  12. ^^^^ what's that suppose to be a vagina?
  13. If the tail was not there and the sun was a moon and was higher that would be a sweet tatt imho
  14. i got barbed wire around my left leg (calf area) it looks nice but its kinda in the way if i wanna add more tats
  15. I can't believe how so many people I see or know have tattoos that look like they were made by four year olds. For every great tat there is probably 50 bad ones.
  16. I really want to get a Laughing Devil on my ass cheek, i think ill get it on vacation next week
  17. Its hilarious to me how many people just rush out and get random stupid ass tattoos without thinking it through. Tats can be badass, but too many people have terrible ones.

    Who wants a tattoo that looks like somebody just took a sharpie and wrote some stupid phrase on it?
  18. i've been thinking about it....because a friend asked me, "why do you have angel wings on your back for your grandpa if you don't believe in god?"

    and i couldn't really answer. i never really thought of my wings tattoo as a "heavenly" or religious-themed tattoo. it was in memory of my grandpa, because he was always looking out for his family when he was alive. i don't actually think he is a guardian angel from heaven, because i'm not sure if i believe in that type of stuff.

    it's just kind of a tribute to his personality and "soul" (even though i don't like that term).


  19. This is exactly what has kept me from getting a tattoo.

    I want one SO bad, and even have a full sleeve that I've drawn up myself that I want to get done eventually. But I have so much trepidation about it.

    I don't give a damn about looking at a tattoo artist's book. As a photographer, my portfolio is filled with my best it follows that a tattoo artist's book is only going to be a representation of their best work.

    Well what about their worst work? What about their fuck ups?

    I'd be pissed to no end if I go in to get a tattoo and the artist screws up. I seriously don't know what I would do. The tattoos I want are my own designs, so I want them to look exactly as I want them to look, especially if I'm paying hundreds of dollars for it.
  20. why would i regret putting permanent ink on my body?

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