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Do you have glaucoma? Has MJ helped?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Spudderz, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if there are other glaucoma folks on this forum, and if so what has been your experience so far using Med MJ? Specifically,
    1) Have you had a confirmed intra-ocular tension drop since using MJ?
    2) How often do you take meds?
    3) How are you taking it?
  2. i dont have glaucoma or anything, but i heard that that bald black guy who is a talk show host , damn i can't think of his name, it starts with a M tho. I know he takes it for glaucoma and was on tv defending marijuana couple of years back m so maybe it has an effect ?

    jusding by the questing you asked, have you ever smoked marijuana on a regular basis ?

  3. do you mean montel
  4. my severe nearsightedness (-10.5 and -9.5 contact Rx) stopped progressing after I started smoking if that helps
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    My ophthalmologist regularly tests me for glaucoma. Here is an online version of the office test that is very similar. Just hit "LAUNCH PERISTAT DEMO"

    I could not get the green circle to disappear from the screen, as instructed on the website. My score was 11% false negative and 0% false positive. This is similar to my in-office results, and negative for glaucoma.

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