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Do you have friends that you believe shouldn't do drugs/alcohol?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Ok, so an old friend of mine invited me out to have coffee with him for his birthday, he likes things to be mellow so we're not drinking or smoking (though he does these things, just not often and prefers quiet ceremonies n'whatnot).

    Anyways, so he tells me that his roommate, another old friend of mine, can't come because he's hung over. And i'm all like, "Whaaat?! A doesn't do anything, he's super religious and even though he's not uptight, he is about that sort of stuff." and he's all like "yeh, I know, he's twenty five and this is the first time he's ever drank before . . . it was weird, like something changed or snapped . . . it's cool but weird at the same time, it's like his faith is unraveling"

    Now, I'm conflicted. On the one hand, I know that this particular guy is very religious for personal reasons that have caused him to be very neurotic. He doesn't ever express anger in a way it's almost creepy, but I know it's inside him cuz once in a while he'll express a dislike of something rather vehemently, so that leads alot of his friends, like me, to the conclusion that he's hiding some kind of darker self underneath.

    Some of us are scared because we think that that kind of darkness is very deep seated since he's been repressing his anger since like birth it seems, like in a very natural way.

    Anyways, on the one hand, i'm glad he's breaking out of that mindset a little, but at the same time I'm scared to see what's been lurking beneath the surface of him for what has obviously been a long time.

  2. Weird. Have you ever mentioned it at all to him?
  3. Pack him a bowl or two and he will chill lol.

    I had written out a whole shit load of stuff to try and help.. and then i realized the whole thing i typed out was pretty much nothing like the topic.
    im way too out of it

    I read the topic as:

    "Do you have friends that think you shouldn't do drugs/alcohol?"
  4. i have a friend who i think shouldnt do drugs

    its not near as deep as your friend but my buddy just cant function when high, im talkin like one bowl and he cant move for hours, hes been smokin about a month or so like everyday too

    i have another friend who is just a fuck up. it took me awhile to realize it but he truly is.
    1. he mooches, he has offered to buy me a sac and im like alright ill call my dealer then he backs out
    2. hes high for like 8 hours, not intense like laugh high but once im sober again he'll still be talkin about shit from like 3 hours ago im like dude shut the fuck up
    3. hes just annoying, and gay, and a pedophile. i was cruisin around and we saw two little girls riding there scooters, they were like 8, and hes like damn there hot, i laughed but he was serious. this kid is 18 almost 19 and hes freaks me out

    hopefully people who do smoke or do any drugs can realize if they should or shouldnt
  5. Thats really messed up man.

  6. dude 8 year old girls are fucking hot. the best thing about fucking them in the shower is that you can slick their hair back to make them look like five year old boys. yea.

    edit: yea i have a friend who i swear has a mild case of schizo.....if he smoked i think he'd lose his mind entirely.
  7. Cb, yeah I know lots of people like that, but I think out of every hundred people I know, 96 of them should be smoking. What can I say, I think ganja could save the world :)

    I also know people who, after years of emotional social, and mental repression, have finally come out of a funk. Whether the represser is religion or parents or the brainwash of education, its a slow process to get them to unlearn enforced ideals. If this is someone you can talk to, make sure they don't get into too much too fast, it will ruin the experience, and I think people need to mature into regular marijuana use. (or in your case, marijuana use in general)
  8. ya i have a few friends like that. they just become stupid and annoying when they're high. They took about the same shit for like hours. They think of typical stoner shit and cant shut up about it. like "wow... look at the tree its making shapes and stuff.." and that will totally get them going for the next half hour.

    And then there's another friend. my best mate. he drinks and shit, but he doesnt smoke weed. The first time i got him to smoke out of a J we got held at gun point and they stole my car so that might hav out him off some lol. I only got him to smoke one time after that and it was bad in terms of his experience of the high. hes also been spiked before and he was freaking out. I was there to chill him out..still dont know what exactly he was drugged with. Everytime hes high he hates it. he never feels good and shit. And its not because of the bad experience of the robbery. Coz the other times things were cool. even when he was spiked but no one really feels good after that lol =P He justs cant handle being high. So i keep him away

    The reason i thik drugs are bad for him is because hes a natural euphoric. He his on his own high when hes not on drugs, and the drugs make him come down. I have noticed that alot of people who are able to be euphoric without drugs dont njoy drugs.
  9. That's an interesting observation that confirms some of my thoughts about particularly optomistic/ naturally high people don't enjoy drugs because it makes them more paranoid than enjoyably high.
  10. Well man... you have to remember... anger isn't just some sort of constantly growing problem. Some people can hold anger in all they want and it doesn't make them anymore angry. I know some very mellow people who i know for a fact get angry very seldom, but when they do it's because of something VERY bad happening. If you're afraid you should talk to hima bout it man, maybe it'll help. I'm high and having trouble completing my thoughts, so I'm gonna go now. In order to add each new sentence I've had to read everything I wrote over again to make sure I knew what i was writing about lol
  11. I disagree. I'm a very upbeat person and can rarely be caught looking down. I also am constantly optimistic about whatever situation I'm in. i fucking love weed. I smoke it several times a day. however, most people that i'm just aquaintanced with in my classes see me more than 50% of the time not high. How fucked up is that haha? I go to class high 50% of the time. Anyway, those aquaintances know me to be a very happy, naturally high, upbeat kind of guy. however, i still almost always prefer to be high. except at amusement parks. jesus christ... halloween night roller coasters stoned off my ass = the scariest experience i've ever lived through. hahaha
  12. I've been told that by people quite a few times in my pothead career, and when I look back on it, most of them were right. When I started toking when I was 17, my average went from high 80's to high 50's. I just wasn't mature enough to smoke then, IMO. I'm 20 now, and I barely smoke anymore. I smoked a few days ago after a three-week break, and I blacked out (like an alcohol blackout, don't remember coming home or waking up in the morning). So I don't think I'll smoke weed anymore.

    I know people who should definitely cut back. Many of my stoner friends smoke every day, and that just can't be good for you. My friend smoked so much he went to the ER because he couldn't breathe anymore. Weed should be enjoyed in moderation, and that varies a lot for everyone.
  13. Um... I'm sorry dude, but if your friend couldn't breathe anymore... the guy either had like 3 joints in his mouth at any given time, 24/7, or it was due to some other health issue that weed brought to the surface. I don't like when people tell me weed should be enjoyed in moderation when I obviously have no problem enjoying it in excess.
  14. bye! :wave:
  15. Dude hes not unwelcome here cause he (at this point) doesn't wanna smoke anymore.

    And about the ER thing, yea maybe he had something else wrong and the weed didnt help it, like when you have a cold or are really plugged up and you smoke a shitload and can barely breathe....
  16. i dont have any friends like this some of my friends dont drink and smoke but its all good tho there choice there is 1 friend of mine that i want to get ripped he has long hair listens to stoner rock and wears stoner shirts but the funny thing is he doesnt smoke weed kinda sucks im still workin on it tho
  17. I have a few friends who don't agree with it.
  18. One of my friends just started smoking. It's weird because he was like the only one left out of us who didn't smoke, and now there's no one left. He already acted like a stoner (slow-moving and lazy, haha) and now when he's burnt out he just falls into a coma haha.

    I can think of a bunch of people who should stop smoking because it just makes them fucking annoying and no fun to hang out with. I can also think of some crazy kids in my school that don't do drugs, but should!
  19. Thank you. By not smoking anymore, I mean I'll still eat weed when I get the chance/want to, and maybe smoke on special occasions, just not more than a few times every few months. I quit smoking cigarettes too, and if I smoke anything on any sort of regular basis including weed, then it'll feel like there was no point in quitting cigs because it's all the same anyway. Smoke is smoke, end of story. After quitting cigs, smoke does feel disgusting.

    About my friend, he has asthma, yet he still smoked several times a day despite everyone calling him a retard. He started coughing up blood, then he couldn't breathe, drove himself to the ER somehow because he doesn't trust the 911 service, and stayed in there for four days. The fucked up part is that he started smoking again right after leaving the hospital, although not as much.
  20. I agree tabaco smoke feels gross, but I really like pot smoke, tastes good, less harsh and nasty feeling, nothing like some nice dank in nice glass

    Haha sounds like your friend should invest in a vape by the way

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