Do you have cat(s)? DIY grow buckets.

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    I have been using Tidy Cats litter since long before I decided to grow.  I buy it in the plastic buckets, and always save the buckets because they stack well for storage.  I measured them, and they should come out to ~3.5 gallons.
    Pop some holes in the bottom and you have yourself a nice grow pot.  And you are repurposing  :smoke:

  2. wish i had cats just for the buckets
    give them a nice fim and lst to make rectangular plants
    talk about using your space well
  3. I just open the door and let the cat outside.
  4. lmk where ya live im looking for a pet cat
  5. If you catch the attention hungry SOB he's yours.
  6. cats love me.
    he would be sitting on my laptop keyboard meowing at me to pet him in no time
  7. I see that as a problem.
    the dog finds a spot and occupies it. He'll let me know when there's a problem.
    The cat occupies the entire house. If there is no problem, he'll create one. AM or PM, don't matter.
  8. I had to go to a tent based setup because of my young cat.  He acts like a mini-panther and will get into everything.  He's pretty stealthy and I have to double-check that I don't zip him up inside the tent.
  9. haha that they will
    not to mention if you dont watch it they will try and use your soil as a litter box.
    my buddy had plants outside in pots and his cat dug right in and shit right on the root ball
    Ah yes.  I have a large houseplant that "Kevin" started using despite having a clean litter box for his use.  I had to cut and lay a metal screen around the top of the pot.
    At this very moment he is nipping at me because I am typing when I should be petting him.  :)

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