Do you have any theories about anything

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  1. when im high i come up with some crazy ass theories and they make so much sense even when im sober. do you have any theories that youd like to share with the world?
  2. I think that most people for get too. lol
  3. Nice thread idea.

    I theorize about multiverse's

    not necessarily when im high but sober as well.
  4. Only when I'm really, really baked. I like to blow my own mind star gazing sometimes, and just think about the vastness of the universe. But usually when I come up with a crazy theory, I completely forget about it when I come down, and then I spend all this time trying to remember what I theorized. Then when I do remember it sometimes, I try to think how high I was when I came up with it lol. :smoke:
  5. When I'm baked I come up with the most mind blowingly smart shit, then 10 seconds later I forget it, oh well:smoking:
  6. One time in math class I figured out a sweet way to figure out some kind of problem (no way I remember) anyways... I was so excited for my formula which solved 5-10 minute problems in a minute or so. Later on when I checked it out I found out it was already discovered and my math teacher was avoiding it so we would learn 'the real way'. What a crock of shit... He ruined me! :(

    Right now though... hmm I don't know if I have any theories of my own.
  7. For a while I didn't think that everyone thought. I thought that a vast majority of the population merely acted on impulses and instinct rather than logic and reason. I believed that some people would live their entire lives without actually thinking, like their mind was just a wide open field with one of those toy pinwheels blowing in the breeze.
  8. I always wondered if all the people around me felt the way I felt. Are they stuck behind something which allows them to peer into the world? Are you people able to control your movements, which are your only connections to interaction in this realm? Do you have the same thought patterns as me such as feelings, emotions and the like? Does the person reading this even know what the fuck I'm talking about? Fuckin' shrooms, man.
  9. The universe runs on waves, similar to what you see in water. When you drop something in the water, it creates ripples. If you drop another item into the water, the ripples collide and conflict, but soon returning back to the original state. Humanity is basically dropping a billion little pebbles into the water, creating much turbulance. As said before, things even tually return to its orginal state. In terms of the universe, we through those billion pebbles into an ocean in the middle of a storm. We have not existed long enough to see these waves, but they will eventually come crashing down upon us, returning the waves to their original state.

    Something I was thinking last night. Sounded better in my head, and when I was high
  10. Titanic was sunk by Al Queda in a submarine with torpedos

  11. i can't remember them right now ask me when im high

  12. woah man your fucking sharing a brain with me i know what you meen i think... kinda like does everyone perseve the world the same way i do or it something different for everyone and im not even high when i think of these things lol
  13. same here i still kind of think it.
    im just cynical i guess although i dont really know the definition of that word lol
  14. What if we are all the same person being reincarnated at different times, and humans are the only beings that time exists to so we just see it as a bunch of different people when really we are all the same person! Everyone in the entire history of earth would just the same person reacting to him/herself in different reincarnations...

    Tell me that just didn't fuck your mind hardcore...
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    If space is infinite then the chance of life on another planet is 100% even if the odds are 1 in a trillion it still will be 100% because space is infinite and has no end.

    I came up with this one when I was super high.
  16. I've thought, what if the mafia is just on big lie and the joke is pasted down from generation to generation in italian families. What if teachers are just messing with students and ultimately determine how far u make it in life. The governments of other countries are all just on the verge of fighting each other and all try to act tough.

    weed is entertainment for god, kind of like when you give a cat some catnip
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    okay i got a few crazy ones that probably are rediculous.

    one theory my buddy came up with me is about the DMT in your Dreams are complex is fuck and i dont know anything that can explain it. DMT creates these dreams.The dmt that is found is also found in certain plants and certain animals. My theory is when you die, you just go on this crazy fucking trip . im not too sure of what will happen but i think the dmt in your brain will cause you to either go to a different ....universe/galaxy/dimension or maybe even the place we call "heaven or hell". but i think our mind goes somewhere. why waste all these years if it just goes no where. and you cant prove or disprove this theory because you wont know until you die.

    Also another theory i have is that the human mind was shaped over the years from drugs. the egyptians acctually used to take out the organs and the brain also i think. They dont know why they took the brain but what i think it was to do was to smoke that muh fucking dmt. i think over time and evolution the drugs had more of a impact over the years on the new borns. MDMA , cocaine, heroin, marijuana,DMT, mushrooms. you can get it from a plant.

    i had another one but i totally spaced out...
  18. Yesterday I came up with this; God is just a mental state. (Attainable, might i add)

    And I also believe that we have so much evolution left to take place. If you could see what I see when I'm high you'd understand. Right now, the human race is pretty much a monkey with a laptop. We have this brain, and we're using it. But we're not mastering it. I see so much that could happen in the future. We're still using basic, primitive, behavior in everday life. Eventually that will change.. If time persists.
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    my theory of existence and stuff

    'god' = subconscious love
    mother nature+ father time

    RE: bible Christians: read with caution because, you might just look around you and think, wow, what a beautiful existence, thank you consciousness, thank you universe, thank you for being conscious you exist. thank you for being able to observe you exist.


    Jesus- i am god in flesh, i will have everlasting life, believe in what i say and you will to..

    logic- i exist because i have an individual consciousness in reality. I will never be unconscious to reality once i am conscious that it exists. Believe that the universe is conscious that it exists and it will always be conscious it exists..

    “I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!”

    “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

    ..."mind is like the eyes, they can see in all directions but inward.. or a light, that until turned on is not noticed.."

    RE: Your not illuminated by light as we speak? are you sitting in complete absolute darkness or can you spiritual people not get a grip on REALITY? not making assumptions just assuming

    you do understand that you cannot build a theory with negative evidence?

    some oc,

    reality encompasses existence.
    existence encompasses reality.

    but, really, lol

    I can see why some think reality is an illusion of sort. A space/time that the observer can really interact with. It all seems to make to much sense, in the sense that you literally, sense reality. This leads to idea that there is a potential purpose that exists outside of reality that governs the laws of reality in the universe. The meshing of everything in existence gives the observer a sense of oneness with the universe, because, as a whole, existence is that ONE flip that lands on potential, rather then non-existent potential(absolute nothingness).

    i get the impression that this universe had a beginning, this is proven by radiation from heat, during the initial reaction, it just wasn't conscious of it's own reality until it evolved a consciousness. The human consciousness is the most important we know, because, it's our own. An observer is born into reality with an individual consciousness. We assume that when an individual consciousness dies, that because they became conscious of reality, they can never become unconscious of it. Freewill is relative to the observer. They can think they have freewill or not. 'Nothing' can be proven to exist outside reality of the universe.

    MY explanation to existence is simple, we exist because the universe exists. The universe exists because it just does. The potential of the observers reality is reviled through an observers applied ideas to reality, the ideas that work pass on through generations, as well as the ideas that don't work, not to an absolute truth, because frankly the only 'absolute' truth is that existence exists, instead of nothing existing.

    Something expanded from 'absolute nothingness' to create a space/time reality. The expansion was caused by a reaction. The reaction was because, 'absolute nothingness' can't exist. There is always potential for something to exist, like the universe. This is proven true by our existence.

    again, infinity is a human created idea. we can not fully comprehend what infinity is, nor can we fully
    comprehend what nothingness is.

    we can only reason on what is. it really goes no farther then that.
    we can theorize on infinity because we know that pi is a never ending sequence.. but can we prove it? no, are life spans are limited.

    How can you get something, from 'absolute nothingness'? We have to assume that something can come from 'absolute nothingness'. This is explained by our existence.

    'Absolute nothingness' is only an idea. It is the fact that 'absolute nothingness' can never exist, that something exists.

    life is nothing more then potential for progression. you want something to change, then create ideas and apply them to reality. the purpose is what you make of it. maybe your in poverty so your current purpose is to intake energy. maybe you have a test due so your current purpose is to study.

    the universe is relevant to the observer in the sense that the observer can manipulate the universe to their advantage through applied ideas. although with many separate observers it is probable that when you manipulate something, even without the intention, it can possibly effect another observer.

    life is not about trying to become one with the universe or find the light, it is about trying to evolve with it. spiritual thinking is not going to advance humanity or unlock an awakening within.

    because, how else does something come about from nothing? the only explanation is there is always potential for existence.
    50/50 flip, eventually you will get something, this is proven because we exist.

    its the forces of nature which govern evolution in the universe, its up to the observer to understand them correctly(science). not for nature to understand itself, because obviously it can or it wouldn't exist


    God is just an observer created idea, it can't be proven fact in reality, therefore it is ALWAYS irrelevant in reality, it can only be contemplated.

    If you came into existence earlier in reality, say as a farmer, wouldn't you pray for rain to support your crops. Now, we have the ability to manipulate water to fit our needs. Look to the heavens, water comes down from above to fuel us! praise the existence of the universe! praise the existence of water!

    bible- there will be end times, an 'apocalypse of sort you could say', an end to all existence..

    logic- there will be end times, be from universal randomness(say an asteroid hits) or when humanity destroys itself or it's environment (or maybe we discover a way to exist outside of earth) and human consciousness can no longer exist within reality because, the earth environment is the only place known to support the existence of conscious reasoning life forms.

    more re:

    competing realities? are you saying an individuals consciousness is not part of the same reality as another individuals consciousness? im talking about human consciousness not alligator consciousness. im talking about consciousness in reality, not that reality is conscious of itself, which it is because, as observers we can see reality is real.

    idols of mind, good read, appreciated

    no, im not angry, im just expressing my view of reality. this belief in a 'god' or 'all' is contemplated, i might be sure, by all observers. But when you just accept reality and accept that reality is conscious it exists, that reality will never be unconscious it exists.. walah, there is your 'eternal life' or 'truth' that, REALITY KNOWS IT EXISTS BECAUSE IT CAN OBSERVE ITSELF EXISTING. there is no proof that something exists outside reality. reality encompasses existence.

    that is the paradox of existence

    50/50 flip

    heads, potential for something
    tails, absolute nothingness

    keep flipping
    keep flipping

    you WILL get potential for something, why? because we REALLY exist , nothing can be proven to exist outside of existence itself

    reality encompasses existence.
    existence encompasses reality.

    main points..

    Practicing philosophy is the ability to reason. You can't reason with nothing, therefore philosophizing why there 'is' instead of 'isn't something is unreasonable.

    its the forces of nature which govern evolution in the universe, its up to the observer to understand them correctly(science). not for nature to understand itself, because obviously it can or it wouldn't exist

    'practicing faith' is an idea that you 'practice' something that doesn't exist within reality. So having your 'faith' in religion would be the same as having your faith in nothing, right?

    Believe you will be conscious forever and you will be.
    if I didnt love you, then I wouldnt share this information with you, 2nd coming?
    accept this as absolute truth

    I define god as pure absolute sub conscious love, miracles

    Copyright anonymous =)

    i cant prove it, true

    but if god did exist, then to me, god is subconscious pure love. just assuming as always..

    its more of a universal sub conscious of love. more conscious of love then hate. because it knows whats better for itself and what it has to hold on its own conscious. its telepathic

    2nd coming

    It's like some kind of insane conscious/subconscious calculator, constantly multiplying and dividing, it cant by logical reasoning minus or subtract, since it comes from 'absolute nothingness'. but at its core it realizes, Im assuming and I believe that pure love is best, its just been so long since it realized this, it takes time to heal. does this make any sense? im not religious, but i like the sound of the jesus story, lol.

    like you cant just 'wish' osama bin laden dead, someone has to go and shoot him (if he is still really alive) magic doesn't make sense in todays terms. maybe back with Jesus that shit was acceptable, but im protected everywhere therefor no need for 'magic touch by an angel'

    protected everywhere, like, even if i die, i know for a fact ill still be conscious somewhere, read near-death experience stories, because, i remembered mine from when i was like 5. its like 'god' takes your conscious into 3rd person so you dont feel the pain when death is 'eminent'. hmmmmmmm, still thinking crazy

    if love is clear, then i see through

    Sunday: worship god and attend church

    logic: give thanks to the sun because, we revolve and evolve around it..
  20. in all seriousness: 50-70 years, Obama will be ranked top 10 president by historians.

    ...the bible explains consciousness, with "God" being the attainment of knowledge of existence.

    ...if everyone in america united, we would become stronger than zee govormant. :D

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