Do you have any stoner poster at home?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by bugmenot, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. I found this Mona Lisa smoking a joint poster and I'm sure it would be nice in our stoner apartment.

    Mona Lisa Smoking a Joint Poster | Salt n Pop

    What do you have or what would you like to have to decorate your stoner home?
  2. No I don't have any posters. I have a blanket with a big weed leaf on it though
  3. Not got any stoner posters up but found a bunch of free Royal queen seed posters from ages ago, this one out a smile on my face
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1457467071.775306.jpg
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  4. No i think they look rather tacky. I have seen the mona Lisa poster you mean & its hideous.

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  5. I think I did as a teenager...
    I loved the black light reacted posters as a kid, could stare at them for hours.

    As an adult, it would look tacky.
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  6. I bought this one a couple years ago, it's great :D.

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  7. had a velvet underground and Nico poster with the banana. I told people who came over "don't question it, just accept it". and they did
  8. sorry but f#ck all who cant be happy with blacklights.
  9. [​IMG]
    Found this at smoke shop a year ago

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  10. I had that on my wall in my bedroom till a few years ago

    Stay high
  11. Lol I remember chillin at my dudes house. Got blazed as fuck. Then he was like something missing man. I'm like yeah dude, you need to cover these empty walls. Posters Blacklight's an stuff. We then make a trip down to our Spencer's, dude spent over 150$ on posters an another 130$ for Blacklight's and frames for the posters. Shit looks so cash now.
    Wish I had some pictures.

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  12. ive got this pantera poster, trying to find an actual pic of it but i dont think i have any on my phone


    fuck i didnt know it was so huge
  13. As a kid i had 2 blacklight posters. One was bob marleys face. The other was a huge bud that said "this buds for you"

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  14. [​IMG]

    Here it of all, i knew what it was and played it off to my parents that it was a budweiser poster....until they seen it. It stayed on my wall for years somehow.

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  15. I have the dark side of the moon on my ceiling and a huge poster with a native american girl with colors a skull and some other things. Its quite trippy

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  16. A large autographed Tommy Chong lithograph poster...Chong's Toker's Paradise!
  17. does three stooges count?
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  18. A Pixies Flyer
    A Rodney Dangerfield poster
    and a Dawn of the Dead poster

    People usually get the message.

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  19. received_739469419448547.jpeg
    Now that I got the hang of posting's my TC poster circa 1997.

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