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Do You Have Any Stoner Attire?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NeverComingDown, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. What kind of stoner clothing do you have that makes it obvious you smoke? what do you feel about people that wear this type of clothing?
    Found this old shirt in decent condition, my brother used to wear this shirt when he was my age in college but I dont think he ever smoked weed before.

  2. I have a bunch of LRG T-shirts that make it fairly obvious.. One is a panda on a giraffes back with them both smoking joints and it says "Lifted since 1991" or something like that lmfao
  3. oh yea i used to rock LRG all the time they have some gems now and then, but i stopped following them since they started mass producing their clothes and some of them are just wack
  4. Just T's .. my favorite is my 10th anniversary OG Grandaddy Purple Tshirt ...But not one fuking tie die ! :smoking:  
  5. I want to buy a THC molecule t-shirt. Thats the new code for stoners. We all recognise it. We learned science!
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    All I have is a Mary Jane t-shirt from Attitude, and it's too small (or I'm too big) :(
  7. #7 cutencarefree, Jun 12, 2013
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    I have a dress that has Bob marley on it but that's about it. I think its fine, whatever makes you happy. I just wouldn't do it all the time, I wouldn't want my employer to see me.
  8. i also had this shirt by Fly Society. It was gray and it said Fly High in purple on the front in cursive writing. Dont have the shirt anymore since i let my friend wear it on 420 when we played football and i never got it back and dont think i will
  9. #9 RvginATL, Jun 12, 2013
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    I rock some LRG hats, and I got a spring break shirt with a dude smokin a J on a beach.

    Idk I don't like to make it too obvious. I understand the whole "Wear what you want, don't give a fuck" thing but I feel like I'd get classified as a dumb lazy pot-smoking bum by anyone who saw me in it.

    For example: The grading/education system is fucked as a whole. Because teachers have so much room to give or take away points, I think some of the straight-edge ones would instantly grade my paper "a little less effectively" than if they hadn't seen me in that shirt blatantly proclaiming my passion for marijuana.
  10. some other clothes that i got. i love that bottom tee
  11. My simply says 'Don't panic, it's organic' with a giant leaf on it. Funnily enough whenever I wear that shirt into London I always get stopped and asked if I got any 'mary' :D
  12. [​IMG]
    Mishka homegrown shirt (mines green not red)
    and a Dabs on dabs on dabs VMC shirt
    and tie dye shirts are lame
  13. I got one tank top that has a really cool weed leaf design, i got a Slightly Stoopid shirt that's got a leaf pattern above and below the name. I stole a shirt from my dad a few years back that had a picture of george bush and said " bad bush", then a picture of a weed leaf that said" good bush" ,pretty stupid considering he was a Bush fan. Everything else i would call stoner attire but nothing else that obvious me thinks.
    Saw some kid at the beach the other day with a shirt that was a take on Billabong, that said "filla-a-bong" which made me crack up for some reason.
  14. Have a few attitude, htg, seedless, and srh shirts
  15. 1371074732268.jpg

    Cephalic Carnage shirt. Sweet band and i loved the shirt, but it is actually only worn when i know im not going out. Its not the greatest to walk around with people giving you the "Im so conservative and he must be high on the marijuana drug" look. My cousin has a red eye shirt hes got for my birthday that says i <3 bongs on it so that will be sweet, but another at home mostly shirt
  16. The only thing I have weed related is a tee with einstein on it smoking a pipe and the smoke is all these colors and the shirt has distant stars and constellations and the like...
    i really like that idea, this is what i found on google.
  18. I had a shirt that said "STAY HIGH" on the back, but it was talking about an airplane on the front. I also have a rasta colored Adidas shirt. But that's it. I wouldn't buy anything that clearly expresses being a stoner. Its just something I wouldn't want people knowing about me if I didn't want them knowing.
  19. I want to make a shirt out of your sig. Have shirts already been made from that ?

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