Do you have any friends that dont use/arent on social media at all?

Discussion in 'General' started by WoodHouse, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. People only use it to make themselves think they have a lifeSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. #StatusUpdate

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  3. I know a few people, but those who arent on facebook, twitter etc, including myself tend to use youtube or something like GC as a replacement in a way.
  4. Facebook isn't the problem! If you see people posting dumbass statuses and duck lips then just fucking delete them! And if youre thinking well then there's nobody left on my friend list then it's time you get better friends. I use Facebook, I don't post anything but if I see a stupid post I'll delete the person. It's not Facebook, it's your friends!Sent from my LG-D801 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    you don't post anything so I assume you use it's chat/inbox feature right? even that isn't realistic. people don't take 15 minutes to respond to something in real life. though, i do imagine that some people have a tendency to respond instantenously. If you are so fortunate to meet someone that is like that, then I do see some perks in using it.
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    I only have a twitter, no instashit, or whatever else is out ther these days. I have like 100 friends on my Facebook. I have lived in more states in my 23 years than most people have in their whole life, so I have friends from coast to coast and several out of the country as well. This is why I keep my Facebook. It is convenient to talk to old friends, check out people'\\s'pictrures etc. Sometimes I share a video, song, news article, an idea, etc. Probably 1-2 status update per week.

    Actually I lied. I have a twitshit. Idk how many people i follow i think i have 2 followers. I don't actually follow people tho, just meteorologists, national weather service offices and news sites. I use it for breaking/instant news but pretty much only sign in during severe weather/tornado outbreaks as the info coming in...comes in instantly, usually with pics. I just search the hastag shit like arwx or ncwx or nywx and tons of shit pops up. if i know a tornado is impacting a city i can type the city in and find tons of shit. that about sums up my twitshit usage.
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    I'm not on any social media, but all my friends are on at least 2.
  8. This...they use it as some sort of validation to make themselves think their lives are somehow important. Craving meaningless likes from hundreds of strangers has become a disturbing contest. What I hate more than anything is seeing people post completely generic "profound" bullshit about life with the obvious, sole objective of gaining likes.
  9. I'm that friend also never had a Facebook or anything I don't like that I talk to my friends face to face...
    But Instagram is somthing I might do because I'm always taking pics of car parts and cars and shit would like to share and check out some other peoples stuff
    but as for looking at my fiends stupid selfies I could care less...

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  10. Dude you know better than necroing
  11. Yes I have 3 friends that hate social media. And a friend that has a FB account, but has not used it in years.
  12. Me. My friends have them but never use it.

    I haven't used one in about 2 year, and it was to find some old buddies from college.
  13. I don't use anything I don't be on fb anymore and twitter sounds dumb as hell.
  14. I had MySpace and Facebook. I deleted Facebook last year and of course never use myspace anymore. People keep asking me to get back on Facebook. But I'm like, "why? You see me in real life?" I don't want Facebook back. I liked MySpace way better but no one digs MySpace anymore :( but it was fun and you could be creative. Change up your music and stuff.. Poke the penguin. Good times.. Good times..

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  15. My girlfriend doesn't. She has an IT background like the other person mentioned in this thread. I don't have Facebook anymore and when I did, I didn't use my legal name on it. I maintain a professional twitter account because it's easy to keep up with industry news and do some networking. For a while I had a joke account as well.
  16. Most people on social media is so eccentric. I like anomity where the amount of friends doesn't matter. You know ? Grasscity is not "all" about popularity altrough some form of that does exist here.

    I'm not too concerned about your personal life. I like bright ideas better :cool:

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  17. This explains me exactly, only got a steam account, you search my name on the internet you dont get shit. I absoloutly tell my parents not to post pics of me on their facebook at all. Not that they live in the same state or really have pics of me, but the rule still appys keep me off of your public shit. Also im that friend, never had a facebook, myspace, twitter, w/e the fucks. Im not that social, and dont care to keep in contact with people.
  18. Only social networking I'm active on is this forum and a few other sites. I have a twitter but haven't even used it. I have no use for facebook at the moment. Even if I did have friends or something I'd prefer texting/phonecalls. 
  19. I don't really use any of the social media anymore, I was into Facebook when it first came out but I just find the whole idea stupid, same goes for twitter, I use instagram for taking pictures (not selfies) and tumblr when I'm blazed to look at nice pictures.
  20. I had FB a few years ago, but due to a security breach I closed it.  I recently opened a new account.  It's OK.  I'd like to be able to put pictures in an album for people to see, but not have them get posted on my friends' timelines every time I add a picture.  That's my main gripe about it.  Otherwise, it's improved in some ways and seems to be attracting older people than it originally did.   

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