Do you have any friends that dont use/arent on social media at all?

Discussion in 'General' started by WoodHouse, Jan 14, 2014.

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     It's harder and harder to find. 
    anybody good friends with anyone who refuses to use it? 

  2. I'm that friend haha
  3. I have a lot of friends who have Facebook but rarely use it, but I do have one friend who has absolutely no social media accounts. I kind of wish I had listened to him back when it all started blowing up and he said he wasn't ever going to have one.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. [quote name="Synyster Jesus" post="19337162" timestamp="1389681574"]I'm that friend haha[/quote]Same here, haha.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. more utilized in large, university filled with neurotic shy kids so it's a must teeheeee woooooooo
  6. i have some with facebooks they rarely use but most of them regularly use that stuff.
  7. i know 2 people like that
    they are both losers
  8. no lol.. I have a facebook and instagram.
  9. yeah you're pretty much a loser if you don't have a facebook
    livin' dat photoshoped lifestyle
  10. I ran into one of my old roommates and he's been partying it up these past three years, his facebook really shows it. girlfriend, lookin' fly and happy as fuck in all of his pictures. dude's a boss, but he told me he has a 1.5 gpa and is on the verge of dropping out LoL
  11. I never got into the whole facebook culture. The culture of sharings lots of shit. I have a facebook but its just used to view other facebook content. I dont take pictures of myself with duck lips or passed out with cocks drawn on my head, soyea I dont really use facebook
  12. Never had a Facebook, never will.

    “proud king of loserville" :)
  13. I deleted my facebook like 2 years ago. I saw a picture of my friend holding his baby cousin who was wearing sunglasses. The caption said "Thuggin with my cousin", and I realized at that moment what a waste of time and what a pathetic longing people have for validation. I sought it for a couple of years on myspace and facebook to no avail.
  14. It's like a snarling pack of animals scrambling for dominance, drop of a hat, dipped out of that vanity shit fest long ago. Whatever floats your boat I suppose...
  15. yeh my mate has never used it. he refuses to. and being a wizard when it comes to IT and stuff im sure he's got good reasons why. apart from a steam account and like a parking ticket that a local council put up there's NOTHING about him on the net, anywhere. no foto's, no mentions, nothing. pretty cool.
  16. [SUB]anybody good friends with anyone who refuses to use it? [/SUB]
  17. Facebook blows now. I deleted it and started using twitter
  18. fuck facebook , twitter , instagram and all the other social media GARBAGE !
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    I used to be into social media (Myspace and Facebook) at ages 15-18, then I realized how stupid and a waste of time it was, so I gave it up. Also, there was wayyy too much drama and people overly glorifying themselves. I have some friends that use social media and others that don't. Some people only use it to contact family members that are away in the military or something.
  20. I absolutely hate social networking. I have accounts and used to use them to meet up with friends/ plan events, but now I just use my cellphone for that. (I didn't have a phone while I was using those sites. I will occasionally log into Facebook and just see a ton of trashy pregnant people and people posting completely irrelevant statuses to my life. I just don't see the point in taking selfies and letting 1000 people you don't even know see it/share it/ like it. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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