Do you have a pre-sex ritual?

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  1. Of course it happens when you don't expect it at times but sometimes you know when you're likely to hook up. Usually if I'm expected to get laid I shower really good, shave, put tons of lotion on everything so my skin is extremely soft, spray on a little bit of my favorite perfume, put on some nice underwear and something cute.

    What's your ritual?
  2. I sacrifice a bald eagle on an American flag, then wash down it's blood with ice cold Budwiser.
  3. I wash for like three hours, washing my hair and body countless times, then shaving and making sure all is smooth. Then I use tons of lotion, just to lock in the freshness. :p Then I have a certain perfume I use. Then I go through all these different outfits to figure out which is best. Then when I get there... I have to first send him out to smoke so that I can strip down and be in the bed by the time he gets back in. Then I take a lot of deep breaths while he's coming over. It used to be MUCH longer, but I was able to cut through a lot of it. :)
  4. I shave my pubes so there's a straight line of hair running from my bellybutton to my dick.
  5. Can't forget brushing teeth and using listerine.
  6. Oh ya, definitely.
  7. hmm..i take a bath..then i shower (skin gets extra smooth if you bathe first :) ) then i shave wash my hair ect. usually throw my hair up. put lotion all over ...i too have a certain perfume i like to use. then i just dress as normal...unless im going on a date then i put on something nice. but if im just to my boyfriends place i wear some jeans my butt looks good in and a tank top...i find hes more surprised when im wearing normal cloths and finds something super sexy underneath lol.
  8. No pre-sex rituals for me. I'm always clean and fresh ;)
  9. i take off my pants? 2 legs at a time..if that ish is clean and shes not a ho i gotta make her cum a couple times before i stick it in just to be the gentleman i am.
  10. Depends on the type of sex that is about to happen...
  11. This :smoke:
  12. I usually scrape the excess mustard from my swollen face and proceed to have intercourse.
  13. well ya see, first i start off with some dome gettin'

    then i move it to sex, slow and subtle

    i thrust faster and harder as the minutes go by

    after that i flip (hoes name) over, and stick it in her ass

    i pound harder,and harder..and harder

    then i finish off by busting the biggest,creamiest nut in (hoes name)'s face shes ever took

    after all thats done, i turn over and proceed to pass out.

    but thats just me:cool:
  14. I have sex before sex, to get ready for more sex.
  15. I whip my cock out faster than six drunk monkeys chasing a dog in heat
  16. fresh undies
  17. Rub out that easy one a couple hours before.
  18. Yeah, it's called giving head.

  19. Masturbation!
  20. Does begging count?

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