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  1. you moved out of U.S.??!!
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    That surprises you? Lol I can't wait to leave this goddamn country once I save up the money.

    OT: This is such a sad story. How do you explain to a suffering child that you can't get his medicine anymore and his cancer has returned. Fucking despicable the kind of shit that goes on in this country. Child porn rings, rapes, murders, drunk driving, child trafficking, domestic abuse. And we are wasting time money and resources on shutting down medical cannabis dispensaries. Absolutely deplorable.
  3. everyone across the world is trying to come here to US...hell yea I'm surprised, even with all the fucked up laws we have here, it is still the greatest country in the world.
  4. We might be the greatest country on earth but we have the most ignorant, fat assed people in the world too... Didn't read post just thought I should share that..
  5. This is why I have hold such an anger towards this whole war on drugs crap. The sick does not deserve to pay for close minded uninformed idiots that are so against it.
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    does he absolutely require oil, its expensive and there are other ways of delivering thc and cbd's to the brain which are far cheaper, like vaporizing, but this kid probably has a huge tolerance from all of that daily oil

    and btw fuck the u.s

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