Do YOU hate the US?

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  1. [ame=]Top 10 Hated Countries - YouTube[/ame]

    I personally FUCKING love my country. No disrespect to blades not from the states, but this is home.
  2. lol we're #2? :laughing: I really didn't think anyone gave us much notice anymore :confused_2: see what centuries of heavy-handed imperialism will get you? I suppose the US better get comfy at #1 if we're still #2 :laughing:

    I don't hate any nations, just individuals. It's truly foolish to hate everyone. I've been in the US for many years now, and there are individuals I hate passionately. Yet the same is true of some here in the UK...and also, there are some in both places who I think are very good people, a great many actually.

    Hate the player, not his team? :laughing:
  3. I have a solution to make every country a better place.

    [ame=]Dr. Kamau Kambon wants to kill all white people - YouTube[/ame]
  4. [quote/]I personally FUCKING love my country. No disrespect to blades not from the states, but this is home.[/quote]

  5. I've been to America (well, part of it-NYC) and it seemed like a great place, the American's that I had the chance to get to know seemed like nice, genuine and friendly people.

    It's governments just happen to be the driving force behind globalization and juggernauts of oppression.

    Swings and roundabouts.

  6. You would love the rest of the US, if you thought the people in New York were nice and friendly ha ha.
  7. This country has a lot of flaws, corruption, etc.

    But it has good things about it too. Lived here all my's pretty chill. Wish the people weren't so stupid but what can you do :)
  8. video looks like a 5 year old put it together.
  9. I love US. I don't like our gov't. But nothings perfect.

    I'd rather be born here than say, Iran or something.
  10. i love the country, hate the government.
  11. Ehh, I'm pretty divided when it comes to this.

    America can be a great place. We are constantly pushing the bounds of knowledge and technology in our various companies and universities, completely dominating the top tier in both of those categories. I truly believe that if you belong to the elite, your life in America has potential to be better than anywhere else in the world.

    On the other hand, America is filled with ignorant and tubby Puritans. Take a cross section of what is called "Middle America" and I guarantee you will find anti-intellectualism, ignorance of the outside world, xenophobia, close minded ideals, and other reprehensible behavior.
  12. Born and bred US citizen here, and I hate this country's government.

    I could really go on at length and write all night about this subject, listing the lies, but in the interest of time I'll just list my biggest reason for hating the USA: Hypocrisy!

    There's almost not a single relevant issue today where our government doesn't say one thing and do the other, and nowhere is this more apparent than with its stance on human rights! How can the government say it's the defender of freedom while supporting bloody dictators (like Syria and Bahrain today) and firing rockets at innocent civilians from unmanned aerial vehicles (happens everyday in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya) and then expect anybody to respect it, much less believe its promises?

    And this isn't even getting into economic/financial policy, environmental degradation, corruption, demagoguery, racism, the drug war, etc.

    I don't have any problem with the people from this country. I've had the fortune to live in a couple of other places so I can tell you that people here are no worse than anywhere else. Most are just looking to get by. It's our corrupt and pseudo-aristocratic leaders who are spreading evil over the world.
  13. Just because some European dude decides to create this list, doesn't mean its actually true. You guys are acting like its a scientific poll.

    But, I am from America, and I don't think we are that bad.

    I don't agree with what our government says all the time, but hey, I'm glad that I live here that I can actually say that without getting my hands chopped off!
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    Hahaha no kiddin man lol. Come to the midwest dude!

    2 things I feel I need to say about this stupid ass video. For one, the video was made for like a 5th grade history class.. BY a 5th grader.

    I used to work with a 40-50 year old pakistan man and he was cool as hell honestly. But he used to PRAISE the US every single day. Every day he'd say how glad he was to be here and it's such an amazing place to live. He's told me stories about his hometown in pakistan.

    Just one story - a man and his wife were arguing and she held up the carahn and in anger the man hit it out of her hands. She ran to the police and told them what happened... Hours later the town's police and a fucking town MOB were after this dude and literally chased him 20-30 feet up a tree. The man wouldn't come down so they fucking shot and killed him. For knocking what they believe to be the holy book out of his wifes hands.


    EDIT: On a side note. All that needs to be said about USA's govt. is its bought and paid for 100% by special interest groups *corporations* on both sides of the coin. The fallacy in our system is you need money to run the country and be elected to any office that holds merit, and to get the required money you need to whore yourself out to these special interest groups.
  15. Uhm, y'all get that this is a poll answered by middle schoolers, right..? Not exactly the most informed/correct pool to collect data from...

    BBC NEWS | Americas | World views US 'more positively'

    There's a poll from BBC circa 2008

    Countries thought to have a mostly negative impact in world:
    1. Iran
    2. Israel
    3. Pakistan
    4. N. Korea
    5. USA (hells yeahhh)
    6. Russia
    7. India
    8. China
    9. Brazil
    10. Great Britain

    I love the U.S. Wouldn't want to have been raised anywhere else.
  16. No not at all I don't hate any country just some of the people.

  17. You don't know how long it took me to figure out what the fuck you were trying to say here.

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