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Do you hate it when your friends ask if your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YungBurn, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I do it makes me wanna go chuck norris on them:hello:
  2. I usually reply "No, I'm just feeling a little... juicy..."

  3. i thought you didnt have friends anymore? jus yo herb and grav

  4. Ehhh it depends on who it is.. if it's a good stoner friend of mine my response is usually along the lines of, "Oh heeeellll yeah."

    Otherwise I'm just like "Why the hell would you even ask me that?"
  5. Yeah in high school it used to be annoying as hell having all the stupid people ask me.
    But I guess they weren't really considered friends.
  6. Lmfao I just opened a similar thread I hate that shut so much it's like stfu god fuck...
  7. I was talking to this girl that knows I smoke, and she thinks every time i laugh she thinks im high,
  8. [quote name='"RvG Milky"']I was talking to this girl that knows I smoke, and she thinks every time i laugh she thinks im high,[/quote]

    Lmfao yea or when your smiling and shot and not high people think your high.
  9. My eyes are naturally squinty so people always think I'm stoned, and no I'm not asian, just have squinty eyes :)
  10. why is there a small pic of a turd for this thread
  11. omfg i always give in until i do some stupid shit lmao, i hate it when they do weird shit to trip you out cz it doesnt work and make them look more stupid than your high ass
  12. My group of friends have moved on passed that point for the most part, I mean we just smoked weed, of course I'm high! But ya it used to annoy the hell out of me and I would make some smart ass comment back like,"No those 3 bowls I just ripped had no effect on me."
  13. we were all clueless and curious at one point, they may feel the need for perception comparison. Id be lying if I said I didn't get slightly irritated at having to answer a seemingly pointless question especiially if they were just smoking with me. You should just ask "if I said no, would you roll another?"
  14. Naa. It's good to know if I look completely blasted or not

  15. I knew it would get your atentin
  16. Yeah, definetly.
  17. Only when they're completely loud about it, and there's people near by. I was at a football game Friday night, and my ex's friend bumps in to me and asks "Are you high?" with tons of people and a police officer standing right by us.
  18. I hate when they ask in a arrogant way.
  19. I'm, not high and all this talk about being "High" is getting me kinda low :)
  20. I got this one friend who always goes sarcastic when he knows im high.

    "Ooh, why you so hungry eh?"
    "Why u laughing so much!?"

    One day i slapped him across the face with a big hunk of lasagna and told him to shut the fuck up.

    Needless to say, i still ate the lasagna :smoke:

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