Do you harvest extra late if you want mature seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Hey fella's. Ive got the time line all set for when to harvest bud for the best yield and smoke. But im growing three ladies in my room that I pollinated with a male I grew.

    Im growing this crom mainly just for the crop of seeds.

    My question is, being this is indoor. How long should I weight to harvest for the best pic of seeds? Anyone know?

    Outdoor I just gave them until late into the fall. But inside, im not sure if the plant will show the affects of an outdoor one.

    Im plants are about 3 weeks into flowering right guessing Mid Dec???? That would be a good 8 weeks at 12/12 w.w. strain.
  2. HIGH All, by the time harvest is ready so should your seeds...the last two weeks watch for seeds that fall O.F.F.F. the branches due to being ripe.

    You pollinated 3 you'll have a shit load of seeds...with that many seeds what are you doing with them?
  3. Well im going to pick all the seeds out of the plants. Then im going to grow a shmoke load of buddage!!!

    Im going to take all the bud, minus the seeds and use it for making cookings and stuff since its not as primo for smoking.

    Should be great right around the holidays. I expect to have a good 300+ seeds easy.

    The plants are a good 2 foot right now with 5-6 weeks of flowering left.

  4. maybe 3000 seeds and not much buddage with 3 plants.
  5. 3000 seeds........all the better!!!!!. Other than the seeds I give away ill plant every one of those little suckers too!!!

    I think ill have enough buddage to make a batch of cookies.
  6. hay devilred wen i pollunated my last plant i found that u just cut as u would a normal yield and a percentage full off the plant as u said u wont to get rid of a few id be more then happy to get some off of ya cheers just post a reply and ill get bac to ya on it cheers if ya could peace
  7. drop me a pm!
  8. i seeded one stalk and got about 70 seeds.

    3 plants are a CRAPLOAD of em
  9. how do you seed one stalk, did you have the other stalks not seeded and budding at the same time? lol im confuzed..

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