Do you guys wipe from the front or from the back?

Discussion in 'General' started by budbudgoose, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Im talking about wiping your ass after a nice crap.
  2. I alternate......front back front
  3. back to front, just be mindful of the balls. 
  4. Ppl like you act like the balls are directly connected to your asshole. You can wipe from the front without grazing your balls.
  5. game changer..
  6. Depends on how old you are....I always said that I wanted to be able to touch my feet without bending my knees when I turned 45....I just didn't realize it would be with my ball sack!
    I guess this just means I have bigger balls than you. 
    either that or testicular cancer.
  9. Front to back ftw!

    Fuck yo presents!
  10. Who here is a sitter and who is a stander?
  11. How...what..

    Do you wear a diaper?

    Or are you one of those sneaky shitters that dont wear underwear so it can roll down your pants?
    Some people wipe standing up while others sitting down.
  13. What a shit topic

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  14. the crap that goes on around here

    God made Greenery & he also made the Scenerey🍁
  15. Well this is shitty.
  16. I'm just going to post a pic that I always post in such threads.
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    ^Anyone notice those two pics look similar?
  18. I live in Asia, no need to touch anything, just grab the kitchen style sprayer on a hose and your clean as a whistle. Actually I was asked why America is such a modern powerful country and we still touch our asses to clean. I didn't have an answer.
    Mall toilets are pretty awesome. Controls for aim front to back, pressure adjustment with pulse mode, some even have a fan to blow you dry!
  19. Front to back, back to front seems like you're just smearing it around.
  20. Front to back! I don't want shit streaks going in my vagina.

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