Do you guys want to see photos of my city's flood? *New Photos May 10th 6:50pm*

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    Well this is nuts, I'm in Brandon, Mantoba Canada, and all but two ways into the city are flooded out. Roads closed, I gotta reroute 25 km just to get to work.. here's the flood last week, I'll get pics of it now, It's so ridiculous, they will be up by tomorrow evening.

    It's a warning from mother nature, her watery veins swell as tension arises between man and nature..

    We're under a state of emergency. The first few photos are just north of the east bridge in the city, looking northeast towards a soccer field, (see the hut that's about 20 feet high? it's almost all underwater)

    The super sandbag dike's are like 4 feet high each, they've now added another row to make it three super sandbags, and have doubled it in width.

    It's crazy.

    The next few are just randoms from all about, some from the west side of the bridge looking at a park, its normally all green where it's water. Ridiculous. See where the walking path under the bridge and through the park is just gone? It's like 3 feet to 6 feet deep.

    Work has a gravel pit it hauls in material from, and on friday the 18 foot pit behind the office was bone dry. Now it's completely filled with water. I'll take the good pictures tomorrow and you'll see how wild the Eastern access road is. This street you're looking at now actually runs north and about 4km from the pictures north it hits the Transcanada Highway, which runs all throughout canada.

    The eastern access is a branch off a few km east of town and runs south for a few km, and then southwest into the eastern part of the city, it's all watered out, i'll get pictures of that tomorrow. The gravel pit is only about a half km southwest of the bridge that flooded out the east access. it's the worst flood we've ever had.

    The west bridge is very hard to get pictures of. They literally said in the paper today "People disobeying orders to clear the dike zone could face up to a $50,000 fine."

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  2. Mother Nature, what a cruel bitch.

    Those pictures are crazy man, 2 days did that much?
  3. Here's some more of the pics I took last week.

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  4. Nah this flooding here has been at it for about 3 weeks, the flood east of town, the pics of which I'll get tomorrow, just sprung up out of its already wet condition in two days. It's still supposed to get higher
  5. Grab a kayak and shred the gnar.
  6. Pretty cool pictures.

    My favorite was #9 on the first post :smoke:
  7. Hmmmmmm. If I were you, this Saturday I would get some friends and get smoke a few blunts and build a raft.
  8. Here's some more I took today, absolutely wild. Some are of the Manitoba Hydro company going nuts in our gravel pits, scrambling to bag sand and dike up their stuff.

    I did get pictures of the other parts I was talking about, The other streets as well, tomorrow I will get the major of the major, the Trans Canada HWY Grand Valley bridge is so wild, wait until you guys see it.

    The first few pictures, all you can see is water, that's all supposed to be open field, and you can see this Black Aqua Dam they have set up running all along the road. That's the road I normally take, I have to re-route 20 km to get to work.

    There's the highway trackers hauling flatdecks, bulldozers loading sandbags. See how high the aqua dam is compared to that car?

    Pretty wild.

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  9. Here's the West Bridge.

    Including a few business diked up.

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  10. So to summarize there's three bridges, west, east, and the far east acces to the middle of town.

    First group of pics is the east (or middle) bridge, the second group is the far east access bridge, and the last group is me driving home on the west bridge.
  11. So what ya'll think?

    Anybody else got weather issues?
  12. I live in winnipeg, luckily i dont live in the flood zone
  13. I live in New Jersey. It is dry here. We're getting a hurricane soon though, Lol....
  14. Our Prime Minister was in town today looking at the 18th street bridge..

    I had the chance to shout "Hey when are you going to stop destroying our planet?" As I drove by the bridge today.

    Ha. Fucking. Ha. He looked. They all looked.

  15. same thing here in vermont, the lake shore by my house has risen well over 10 feet.

    can't even see the 20 step stairs down the hill!
  16. ^ Throw some pictures up man! I'd like to see how intense this is in other places.
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    Here's some I took a few weeks ago and just never got around to putting them up.

    This is on the Grand Valley Passage through the Trans Canada HWY West of Brandon, Manitoba.

    Look at how much the water has spread over the banks, and how the roads are just gone..

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    Fuck man. I used to live out there. Still come back to get my dope. That was insane down by the walmart. :p my dealer and i were gonna shoot fireworks at the sandbags :D
  19. floods are crazy man. i lived in new orleans during hurricane katrina and that shit was nuts

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