Do you guys think I should keep these going or chop

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  1. I got some plants that I havent really been keeping tracking of the weeks,but they are getting pretty large.The autoflower has started to eat its leaves from the bottom up and has been going from getting watered every 3 days to every day.The large photo has the largest buds of all of my plants and I am worried about getting bud rot.I have never gotten bud rot but my tent is starting to become pretty warm (about 87 during day) and I can keep the humidity at 50 with dehumidifier but there is a few hours a day where the humidifier will be full so there might be a bit of fluctuation. I also have two smaller plants,a photo and a auto that are growing well aswell. I'm mainly concerned about getting PM or bud rot on the big bud,so ill post a picture of just that. Let me know what you dudes think

    link to picture
  2. That's a tough one. If mold wasn't an issue, I'd say let them go longer. Every day, gently pull apart the bud to inspect it. And hack it when you think it's gonna start molding. Even, if it starts to mold, if its contained to a certain area--ok fine, cut that part out (consider it a sacrifice/payment back to God/Mother Nature) and hack it down. If not widespread. But, if you think it can't hold up much longer, then Paul Bunyan it for sure.
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  3. just have the air moving 24 hours a day. plants outside will grow hotter then that . air always moving
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