Do you guys think colorado will legalize this year?

Discussion in 'General' started by twitchydude420, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I'm not from colorado so I dont really have any input, but what do you colorado blades think?
  2. im not from colorado, but if its fully legalized
    i will be packing my bags.

    keep us fellow blades updated
  3. anyone from colorado with some input?
  4. It will be. I can feel it. We have pro-legalization billboards up all over. More than half the state is pro-legalization.
  5. Probably, if any states have a chance it's colorado and california. I think Oregon and Washington (the state) also have a fighting chance at legalization.
  6. it's for sure going to be on the ballot yeah?
    also I'm pretty sure the federal gov said they would strictly enforce marijuana laws if cali legalized in 2010...
  7. Seeing as how dispensary owners in CO aren't selfish and corrupt like the ones in Cali I can fully see this happening. Colorado is much more cannabis friendly than cali.
  8. I'm not from Colorado but from what I've seen in the polls there is a good chance. They have the majority support. Even as high as 60 percent in one of the polls. And yea its for sure on the ballot. Nov 6 i believe.
  9. I'm proud to be a Coloradoan. :cool:
  10. Colorado's population will double for unrelated reasons of course
  11. Oh god you're right. We don't need a bunch of damn Californians :cool:

    "It's too cold!" SHUDDDUUUUPPPP. IT'S 60 DEGREES.
  12. Make it a poll. And yes
  13. How do I make this into a poll?
  14. I'm in CO. I have my fingers crossed. We do have a lot of Conservatives in the State that are spreading a lot of lies around. This is why lots of cities have banned dispensaries, the voters heard a lot of absolute lies about the rise of crime and other BS.
  15. I like totally do, man.
  16. Not in our lifetime man. Keep wishing :)
  17. Silly Coloradians ;)

  18. I think it would be under the options for thread tools.
  19. the pharmaceutical company's won't let it happen, they're gonna pay off the government

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