Do you guys still buy albums?

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  1. views on piracy views aside, yes i do. vinyl mostly, sometimes cd. for no other reason than i like having the real, physical copy.
  2. i generally torrent most of the music i get, but if the album is "worthy" ill then go out and pick it up in stores. dont get me wrong though, i still support the artists by going to shows. they make enough money anyways
  3. Before I answer let me ask you this

    Is there any albums these days worth buying

    Until somebody comes along and revolutionizes music I see no reason to buy any album
  4. Honestly? I discover music by listening to them somewhere and then dl'ing the discography of them... I'm sorry you find me to be a douce bag, I'm just very tight on money and absolutely love music...
  5. Yeah the only physical form of music I buy is vinyl. But I also believe that vinyl has the best sound quality.
  6. I tend to buy physical music now, most always vinyl. I've got a really good set up for listening to vinyl (Turtable hooks to stereo speakers, plus sony mdr-7506 headphones), and it costs 50 cents a piece from the store I buy them from. Cd's are too expensive, and it's hard to find good quality mp3's, I'll use any method if I'm desperate.
  7. i usually buy vinyls or cassettes, i don't download music. i like digging thru the vinyl crates and picking up tapes at shows.

  8. there's plenty of people revolutionizing it, you just might not be aware of it, or probably don't like it. These guys are changing things:

    Joanna Newsom
    Animal Collective
    Flying Lotus
  9. Only my favorite artists are people who I buy albums from i.e. Eminem's Relapse and KiD CuDi's Man on the Moon.
  10. I still buy CD's, DVD's and T-shirts of my favorite artist. Not only that... I ONLY buy them from his website store.:smoke:
  11. I collect vinyl but that's the only form of media I actually buy. I don't have money to waste on something I can get for free and much more conveniently.

    Beastie boys cd's are an exception.
  12. if the artist is on a independent label and the cd is worth it, then yes.
  13. I buy and collect vinyl. No albums for me.
  14. Too much money to be spent on weed to be buying every album i enjoy, but since the start of 09' I've bought 4-5 albums.
  15. I really should, but I haven't in a while. is just so good, I would rather pay for it than for an album I have to drive to the store for. :( (if payment was possible, I mean)
  16. The recording industy has gotten more than enough money from me over the years. I had several hundred Cassettes, Records and CDs over the years, and I bought them all legitimately. In my lifetime I've probably spent over 10 grand on music.

    I stopped buying it YEARS ago.
  17. to be honest i use torrents like its my jobbbb

  18. .. nothin is wrong the quality of dl'd music if you actually make an effort.

    supporting the artists, by all means, I agree you should buy it if you want to support them.
  19. yeah i still buy CDs, dont have an ipod.

    i like the CD artwork anyway.
  20. Rarely. Most album released arent worth the money. I find myself buying only independent releases, Atmos, B. Ali, Evidence, Murs, etc. With them I KNOW im getting my moneys worth.

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