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Do you guys smoke your roaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weezy is trash, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. [ame=]Roaches? Who Does That? Me, That's Who... - YouTube[/ame]

    Do you smoke your roaches, yes or no, why or why not?
  2. Stick with a crutch then you don't have to worry about it
  3. I get all my roaches and pack Em in a bowl and bong rip Em. If that counts?
  4. In the UK a roach is what I assume you refer to as a 'crutch'. So no I don't smoke my roaches.
  5. No i make the first part of my blunt all tobacco so i can smoke all weed and not worry about a roach
  6. I don't smoke Joints very often, but I found a good use for the roaches, I unrolled the one I had and made tea, it actually made me feel pretty good.

  7. Why though that is untouched THC in the roach.

  8. A roach where i come from is just rolled up card..
  9. Of course I smoke my roaches.

    Get's me more high.. so why not?

  10. Oh shit, were I live (or at least my group of friends) we don't do that.
  11. normally when i smoke a j its cuz i wanna smoke and not have anything on me after im high. so after i smoke i just toss the roach like a cig, if im at home smoking a j, yes ill save the roach open it up and toss it in a bowl.. but for me js are smoked when you are in a somewhat risky/hot spot and dont wanan have anything a cop can bust you for..
  12. Yeah, filter cards is how we call business cards over here to :p

  13. What is the point of using a filter though? Are you also using tobacco?
  14. When I'm not using corners/filters/crutches/whatever you'd like to call them, I break up the weed that's left and smoke it. Why not?

    I usually use paper filters anyways, so it gets smoked right down to it.

  15. Yes, most of the time. But even if I was just smoking pure I would still use rolled up card as a filter, what I call a roach.
  16. I usually take my roaches and save them until I have enough for a nice joint
  17. Usually its a card. But like someone on the first page said I usually roll a joint if I'm trying to be discreet.

  18. That makes no sense to me if your using only bud, why filter out what you want?

  19. :confused:

    What am I filtering out? I have a cardboard tube essentially giving me a nice smooth channel for the smoke to flow through into my mouth.

  20. So no bud get in your mouth, also I just like the feel. Oh and most importantly so you dont have to fool around with the opening if someone puts there lips all over it.

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