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Do you guys smoke when coming down from your high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by krummpy, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. for days when i just wanna be really baked all day, should i just blaze whenever im coming down from that high? or should i smoke a shit ton in 1 sesh then wait to sober up then smoke another shit ton?
    if that made no sense. im high as fuck

  2. Well if you to feel as if you're baked all day then you should literally smoke all day. Don't take breaks.
  3. I smoke every hour on the hour haha
  4. If you wanna stay high all day then I'd suggest you smoke half way through the descent of your high every time it occurs.
  5. Personally I feel that once you get high, you gotta wait till you don't feel anything from the weed anymore and then smoke again. If you smoke while your high is still going on, I feel it doesn't get you back to that same level you started with

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  6. Who Dat!
  7. Smoke > Eat > Burnout > Smoke > Eat > Burnout > Smoke > Eat > Burnout
    It's a vicious cycle man.  
  8. Me and my friends have a video game night every weekend where we get ripped. We found the best strategy is smoking about 10-15 mins after you start to come down. It's like surfing waves, you've gotta catch the next wave or you run out of stream and have to start all over again. If you really want to be baked all day just make some edibles.
  9. if youre looking to get mashed toke it all in one go. If youre like me and like to be functional just smoke some every hour or something, youll be high longer but not mashed. Guess its same concept as what budbrownies93 said its hard to get mashed unless youre going from zero to loads quickly. So all about what kind of high you want
  10. fire it up when you start coming down man.
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    Kinda the opposite for me. It seems hard for me to get really baked after the first time of the night. I normally start smoking again when I feel like I'm starting to come down, then I can actually get baked baked :)

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