Do you guys smoke at party's?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ratroll, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. You know when you go to a party and everyone's drinking, do you guys smoke there too? I duno, lately I have been feeling out of place being the only one high at partys' (usually because I have to drive home, so I smoke instead of drink and only have a beer or two)
  2. i dont drink as much as i smoke at parties, the comedown and hangover for as much alcohol as i drink is not nearly as good as weed man
  3. I actually just came back from Drinkin and Smokin at a party, so I think I'll have to put down a vote for that.

    Didn't drink too much just enough to get feelin good, then smoked alot...
  4. I don't do drugs.

    Why am I here?

    jk. but I voted for that - dont ask
  5. i hate just being stoned at a party. i dont find the atmosphere appealing at all for just sitting around being baked. id much rather toss back a few drinks.

    though im never against smoking while i drink, id just never go to a party purely to blaze.
  6. If there aint weed at the party. It aint a party! :cool:
    I make my smoking known at partys. Most ppl there are probly high and think there the only ones stoned. EXPOSE the Medical. :)
  7. I choose to smoke only. That is a choice that needed to be made though, b/c I am very violent on alch. I just like to smoke me some herb, chill on the curb in the burbs naw mean! JK , Just smoke though JOE>
  8. Do both. Most people who party around here smoke just as much as they drink. Or used to smoke and are cool with it.
  9. Depends on the party but i usually do both.

    Lately, theres been a shit load of parties where like 15-20 people are there... and they all have weed and bowls and bongs and blunts, and theres like 2 people with like BIG bottles of drink.

    Just party at parties
  10. I usually do both.

    more smoking then drinking. but I agree with you when you say you feel out of place smoking.

    I always just sneak out to my car and smoke a joint or pack a bowl.
  11. I do both, equal amounts of inebriation more or less. Two light drinks (beer, wine, ) or one hard drink (whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, or other) per one bowl of mids, two if schwagg, three hits if chronic (usually available at parties, but not by me unfortunately).

    Ooo, I'm gonna start planning this end of year party at our house. Alright, ttyl, gonna check with the roomies on dis one.
  12. Every party Ive ever been to everyone smokes.
  13. I always smoke before parties, or during but away from the party.

    Too many people ask for a hit or whatever. I'm not running a charity, especially for people i don't know.
  14. Yeah, i feel that. If its one of those parties where you are the only one with weed... and everyone has KIRBY lungs... me and my girl smoke on the way there or sit in the car once we get there and hot box
  15. yea dude, my last saturday night i got drunk realll fast and then smoked out everyone i saw. it was so peaceful. but now i dont have bar money. sucks. bar prices suck. cover charges suck.

    sometimes alcohol comes in between enjoying pot, and vice-versa.
  16. Of course I smoke, and drink and partys. It's not a party unless your twisted. :D
  17. I only smoke and usually right before. I only like getting really really blazed though because if I only get kinda blazed, i feel like im an outcast at the partys. I quit drinking about a year ago, just couldnt stand that shit anymore.
  18. I love the bars that will let you smoke.

    I've only ever had it happen twice in my life, but it's been an awesome experience.

    drunk as hell, smoke a joint and have a shot. :hello:
  19. i dont go to too many parties, but if you catch me at one i'll have a fat dutch in my ear and a sack in my pocket.
  20. I have parties where we just sit around and get high as hell, and just enjoy other peoples company.. but I really only like to smoke with 3 or 4 of my friends.. If it is a big party I hate bringing my weed out because tons of people bug me about it. " yo smoke a few bowls with me" or "hey could you rip me off a little piece of bud so we could go smoke", it just gets annoying.

    Parties I drink at, and if other people are smoking i'll smoke.. but im not going to waste my personal stash at a party, if other people want to smoke me out I am came ofcourse.

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