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Do you guys prefer screens?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dank Herb, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I've been using these copper screens in my piece for a a week or so. I still prefer smoking a bowl without a screen though.

    What do you guys think of screens?
  2. Switch to glass screens :p
    Those metal ones give off an icky taste IMO
  3. screens suck, i dont like using them because you gotta clean the crap outta of the piece when they clog up. Lately I've been using no screens at all. But i'd go with a glass screen instead of copper
  4. Meh, I prefer to go without the screen. I've always been wary of using them since the only ones I have are cooper. Definitely agree though, does give off a funky taste. Go with glass if anything
  5. I usually like to smoke with a glass screen.
  6. Plug nug in my chillum and I'm good to go.
  7. I screen it up because when i go to clean le piece with alcohol, the un-ashy resin on the inside comes out in less time.
  8. Ive seen people say they use lil pebbles, does that really work?
  9. I got 1000 screens and I have so much love for everyone that I have. It makes smoking such an easy process. When you need to ash the bowl to take the screen out and dump it. It keeps your bowl for your peice really clean. I'm just a clean person IMO
  10. yes i prefer screens cause i dont wanna get [​IMG] 's
  11. im using. steel screens. i love em.
  12. Bought 500 steel screens, now I'm set for life because only 1 usually lasts a few months.
  13. no screen but if was to use one it would be glass
  14. For my steamroller i use a stone/pebble and for my spoon i just put a little nug over over the hole
  15. If I were to get a dry pipe I would get a glass screen or two, but since both of my pieces use water to filter out shit, I use weed screens. :smoke: :D
  16. Yes, I use screens. First of all, I loathe Scooby Snacks, and plus, it just makes everything easier.
  17. You shouldn't need a screen if the pipe is nicely made and you pack it correctly. But if I have a pipe with a large hole at the bottom I'll throw a screen in if I have them around.

    I also like them for home made pieces
  18. I only use screens when I get bowls like this. If you notice you can see almost my entire eye through the bottom. The bowl is useless without a screen

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  19. use to use copper/silver screens
    but they gave off of a bad taste and always clogged up my piece after a while

    now i just lump together some pieces of bud and use that in place of a screen
  20. I don't use screens in my pipe, but I do in my bong. I have a carbon filter on my piece so i buy probably 6 or so every week from my Lhs because I don't like pulling the ash through. Ive never used metal ones though.

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