Do you guys like Zongs?

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  1. My friend really hooked it up and sold me his for $40 (original is $150) and wow I'm in love. Such thick glass and it hits so hard and it's so smooth!! I love Zongs, the best bong I've ever smoked from was a 5 ft. Zong my friend used to own. Some of the best highs came from that! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414797388.041511.jpg

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  2. He didn't get that for $150.

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  3. Glass is really expensive in orlando, Zongs are really expensive as well. He got it for a sale on 4/20 for $75.

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  4. .

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    You tell me.
    Zongs are nice for two reasons.
    They're larger than you'd imagine. If you were to stretch out the kinks on this baby, it would be 24 inches, bottom to top.
    And with the kinks, you never get that nasty splash back of bong water if you pull too hard.
    This baby, before it was sold out, went for $116 on a 15% discount. And free shipping. And no tax.
    Too bad mine broke. :/
    It was a legit and quality Zong, but these were no longer distributed online. And the design was beautiful. Really stood out.
    Your Zong looks unbalanced and cheap personal offense. The base seems smaller than a normal handsize grip. Real Zongs should have a sturdy base, something you can wrap two whole hands around. 
    But if you think it's fine, then its fine for you. People have different preferences in glass shopping. Guess I'm just pickier. 
    Edit: Actually I am very nit picky about a lot of things in life, in general. So yeah, it's likely me. (No, but really, a base smaller than a one-hand grip will have an easier chance of accidentally being knocked over).
  6. What do you mean unbalanced and cheap? ._.

    It stands perfectly fine.

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  7. You did $10 better than me.

    My first bong was a zong from Venice for $50.

    But ya guaranteed your buddy didn't spend $150 on it. Sorry. If he did he's a tard.
  8. He payed $75 on 4/20 on sale. Did I get a good deal tho?

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  9. Ya man $40 is an appropriate price.
  10. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414800221.343289.jpg

    Here's a better shot of it next to my spoon.

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  11. I've only had the opportunity to hit two zongs in my day, I like the way the smoke goes through the tube and they seem to hit well.
    I remember my friend breaking his big zong back in the day, he wasn't too happy.  :laughing: 
  12. Damn I thought glass was expensive in Arkansas but I could get that for like 50 bucks. My first bong was about a foot and a half tall with a green honeycomb perc. And that was 100 bucks.
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