Do you guys like this? Gym Tan Luv - Hippie Shirt!

Discussion in 'General' started by Makoosh2, Dec 1, 2011.

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  2. that logo is definitely photo shopped on that dude lol
  3. Yeah, as I mentioned I made the logo last night... I obviously didn't make the shirt last night lol. But do you like it?
  4. yes! i like it. looks awesome. i want one lol.
  5. I do think you should make the hand one colour tho.

  6. I like it better as the three colors
  7. Thanks guys, keep going on the advice! And if you DO like the design please press "like," I will be giving away a few shirts to people!
  8. Its a cool Idea - I personally wouldn't wear it (no offense), but I know people that would. I bet those things would sell well at music festivals and things like that.

    If you could get it printed legably on a tie-dye shirt, I think those would sell just as well or better.

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