Do you guys like indoor or outdoor growing better?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by EricSmokesGreen, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I just wanted to take a vote of who likes indoor or outdoor bettter. i personally like outdoors, the way nature intended it (with a few upgrade :D) like outdoors there way more lumens than any HPS or artificial light can provde, better air flow, cleaner oxygen, fresh rain, i just fucking love outdoor growing.

    but which do you guys prefer?:smoke:
  2. bump..... anybody?.....bueller..... bueller?
  3. outdoor = yield
  4. Indoors cool if you got the place and supplys.

    But outdoors is the true way.
  5. outdoors get HUUUUUGEMONGUS! look up medical grow op on youtube and youll see plants that are like 6 ft by 6 ft outdoors.
  6. Seeing as this is the OUTDOOR forum - what do you think??
  7. i personally like indoor better. more control. you have to have to worry about pests,it getting too cold,curious neighbors,cops etc. i always feel better when im doing my illegal activities in the privacy of my own home where only select people can see.
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    Outdoor for the free sun, good times outdoors and no risk with mj at home. Pests and animals stay away (no problem with them in 3 grows). Stealth is crucial though. :bolt:

  9. I was going to post one in the indoor section too, but I got top tired last night and fell asleep. Haha
  10. if i was able to do both i would.. if i had a veg box to veg my plants in i could flower them year around... put 2 plants outside a week and in 2 months get like 2oz a week no prob

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