Do you guys like beer?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Not talking about garbage like Bud Lite or coors, im talking about beers with flavor, like Sam Adams, Dos Equis, Microbrews, etc. I love my beers.
  2. Never had a Sam Adams but I would definitely try it if I had a chance.
  3. all about them coronas.
  4. Smithwicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. its alright. dont love it, dont hate it. i love bud more than getting drunk
  6. Sam Adams is great, but I love Magic Hat (Circus Boy, to be exact)
  7. drinking a corona as i type =P I like Sol aswell but corona runs thru my familys bloodline.
  8. Best beer on this continent. If you disagree with me, then I will engage you in combat and you will meet your demise.

  9. i really don't drink beer to get drunk that much. and i try to stay away from the major brands because their beer sort of sucks. the only but i like is green and burns.

    some ganja and good micro brew = good shit.
  10. [​IMG]

    Kalik OWNS. (Beer of the Bahamas). Soo much better than Corona
  11. Beerful replenishment is a nice alternative, when no bud.

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  12. To me, that statement reeks of habitual drug abuse.
  13. Not to hijack the thread, but can someone let me know how to postup pics normal size, mine are always thumbnails?
  14. To tell you the truth i like beer more than bud these days.
  15., yeah many years, but never over did the hard stuff, and don't touch it now. :D
  16. Man I love beer. The day I turn 21 is gonna an exciting one indeed.
  17. good amsterdam shit

  18. Absolutely HORRIBLE! I had one of these for the first time the other night... UGH! Ill stick with my Bud Select and Bud Light.

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