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do you guys/gals fill your bongs with any other liquid except water??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stickey_fingerz, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I personally don't fill my bongs with anything other then water because i like to taste the bud i purchased.
  2. I've heard things from

    flavored water

    I personally like the purified water, ice cold, with some ice...ya know what i mean :)
  3. I have heard of people putting shit like that in their bongs also, it's disgusting. Why would you want to taste juice or milk or anything like that while you smoke. Maybe some people do, I don't know why it's just weird to me.

    I will just fill my glass with water and nothing will taint it otherwise. FOREVER !
  4. I've heard Vitamin water tastes super good for like one or two hits, then its pure shit. Pretty expensive bong water lol. Also various types of hard alcohol...gets you fucked up from what I hear, can't imagine that being too good for you though.

    Only based on what I've heard because like everyone else so far, ice cold water only for me.
  5. Honey, wtf? Use some mouthwash.
  6. mountain dew, apple juice
  7. ive heard of people using mouthwash, maybe if i decide to smoke sum reggies out of my JB, but i usually keep that for crip/kush.

  8. I'm tryin that

    lol I've smoked a bong using lake water. Didn't even taste a difference :D

    also, I use Powerade occasionally if I'm making a Power Bong.
  9. only thing ive put in it other than water is orange gatorade,

    brought out the citrusy buds taste
  10. Dude.. Throw some Jack Daniels in that bitch..

    Best fuck up you'll ever get.. Gonna burn the back of your throat the first 2 hits but it's so fucking worth it.
  11. Hell no. Only water for me
  12. Anyone ever try semen?
  13. I sometimes through a mixture of 1 part grey goose vodka, 2 parts alcohol. It gets' be pretty fucked up.

  14. Uh most definitely not. Ugh
  15. never have put anything other than water in my bong/waterpipes buttttttttt i do love orange gatoraid in hookah with orange/pineapple tobacco :D
  16. snow...but i still perfer water...even tho snow is just...water...
  17. Tried juice once, really no difference. I prefer ice cold water.

  18. Seems to that snow just wouldn't hit as well..
  19. Orange Juice,Alot better than stangnant water for up to three days then begins to smell like sheeps ass. Its also pretty good for loosining stubborn resin. Just let sit for two days rinse with 2parts hot water one part ISO alcohol.
  20. Tea might be nice. It should be steamy, so you inhale it while you inhale the smoke - I bet that would round up the taste. Then it might be interesting to add a single drop of pepermint oil, so you would get "cool hits". Though I don't like bong; I compare bong hits to drinking half a bottle of vodka, just to get pissed quickly while joints, pipes and whatever are like just sitting and enjoying alot of beers, slowly building up the intoxication - more cozy to me :smoking:

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