do you guys find it worthwhile to do a second wash when making canna oil?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Bobbybouche, Oct 11, 2018 at 5:32 AM.

  1. if you add equal parts herb and oil, then add a bit more oil to make up for whatever stays in the material after straining, then can you get anything else out of it or is it spent? i hear of people doing second runs/washes all the time but they never mention how much solvent they used in their first run.
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  2. I use the left over mash as a base for my next batch of oil. There is quite a bit of goodness left in the cannabis/oil mix. For the most potency leave the herb in. I can't stand the taste and strain, too. The problem with an extra run of oil is then you have too much oil.
  3. After doing some reading and testing I think I am going to start grinding my decarbed bud to a fine powder before infusing and just leave it in the capsules or edibles I am making. It seems like there is a steep drop off from straining the material.
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  4. Ive been messing with a method lately. Not the best method for a 'pure' product' but its better than lleaving all the plant matter in there. Digesting plant matter can cause certain people massive stomach problems and nausea.

    Anyway, I decarb my weed, then I extract it with a solvent, ISO for example. Filter and evap, and use that to make edibles instead. Takes one extra day of process but it really makes a difference. I suggest doing a couple washes with the solvent for edible. Since its not being smoke.
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  5. Yeah I unfortunately don't have the ability to do that where I live in a town home, nowhere for good ventilation so I don't mess with it. Once I get a house that will likely be my go to.
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  6. I live in a tiny shitty trailer. Using the vent hood on my stove top was plenty. But town homes are different I understand. You have more neighbors than me lol. I live in the woods.
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  7. Haha yeah if I lived in the woods I would just have that shit out back on a hot plate venting into the world lol
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  8. I've seen lab reports testing strained oils that give results between 30% and 80% efficiency.
    An 80% lab test was recently claimed by Ardent Cannabis, maker of the decarb devices Lift/Nova.
    Leaving the herb in the oil is 100% efficient.
    I've given whole herb edibles (herb powder well dispersed) to about 2 dozen people, and so far no stomach issues.
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  9. With the potency of most of todays strains up over 20% you only need a 1/4 to half a gram to get totally fucked up.
    This can be as simple as a thumb sized or smaller bud tossed in the oven for 15 min @ 300 F then into a shot glass, add enough Cooking oil to cover, Microwave till hot. Let cool and eat that sucker. WHAMMO !!!.

    It's my go to method if I'm caught someplace without my usual supply of Hash Caps. It's a fallback to my earliest attempts and it does the job quite well.
    This small amount of plant material should only bother the most ultra sensitive stomachs. 98% of people won't notice it at all.
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  10. thanks for all your input you guys! ive been trying to avoid doing a 2nd run due to sheer laziness and due to the fact that ive been accumulating a bit more avb than i know what to do with lately, and if i have to process everything twice it will be sooo much work lol.

    i think im going to try leaving my herb in my oil and see how it goes.last time i thought about doing this i was a little worried the excess "trash" material bringing potency down somehow but i will report back after trying!
  11. If I was using AVB I'd go with just one rinse. I would decarb as usual.
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