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Do you guys do anything to your eyebrows?(no homo)

Discussion in 'General' started by Dank Herb, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. this.
  2. Yeah I pluck a few in the middle once a year or so lol
  3. I just use my trimmer to shape them.
  4. jus shave off the unibrow
  5. If I start to develop a uni-brow, I shave it, but that's about it. No waxing or plucking.
  6. Just to be a complete fuckhead, I'm gonna go ahead and grow the unibrow in fully then shave off all but the middle part of it.
  7. i get rid of the middle part, i dont want to be called anthony davis. plus its something i notice and it irritates me

  8. Lmao :D
  9. I can see it now. Hitler Brow. The new fad.
  10. nope. i just trim my armpit hairs tbh

    looks nicer and greatly reduces odor

    i've heard odor in the pits' evolutionary purpose to let females smell your pheromones. i'm guessing the armpit hair traps it.
  11. Nah, I don't get a uni though.
  12. I do my fair share of man-scaping...

    What can I say? Im a naturally hairy dude, and unkempt hairy dudes can get pretty gross.
  13. I shave the middle, but I leave the rest alone.

    Too much plucking will cause the rest of your eyebrows to fall out. Just ask any girl who now has to draw hers in. Leave that shit alone.
  14. I pluck the middle, and the middle only.
  15. I pluck the middle every 3-4 days or so

    Trim my pubes about once a month

    Trim my armpit hairs every couple months
  16. Don't shave it. It looks gross when it goes back, from time to time I pluck my boyfriends so they aren't as huge bit I don't shale them or anything.
  17. My eye brows are very bushy and tend to get unkempt if I don't treat them sometimes.

    I mainly just pluck my eye brows to avoid any uni-brow moments.

    I just keep things tidy, but beyond that I don't do anything.
  18. I just make sure that hairs that are not part of the brow get trimmed up.
  19. I also like the (no homo) in the title. Lol.

    like taking care of your appearance is a homosexual trait?
  20. I have to pluck my eyebrows ever other day haha. No shaping, just clean the top, bottom, n the uni. N It is kind of weird when people's eye brows have unibrows, it's like " bro I can see that shit from here, take 5 min and pluck it"....

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