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Do you guys clear the bowl in one hit or not using a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lim(x->0), Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Do you take a hit and take the bowl out to clear it and leave enough for another hit

    or do you clear the bowl in one hit
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    I'll clear my hit in one breath, and only usually load snappers.
  3. One Hit Wonder
  4. For most people, the goal is to milk, remove bowl, and clear in one breath. Sometimes you'll milk more than you can handle, in which case you need to get the slide back in, and cover the top so you can either finish clearing after you exhale, or pass the bong to someone else.
  5. I clear the bowl in 1 hit, if it takes 2, it's a waste. I do not like to see bud half burnt in a bowl, or smoke rising from an unfinished bowl.

    In a spoon, it's ok, but I tend to pack head bowls by myself.
  6. THis is what i do:
    for bongs pack only enough for one hit for spoons/steamrollers i pack them to the rim
  7. for bong i pack enough where i know i canc take it in one hit, for me its personally about the taste cause once you relight its not the same green taste, if that makes anysense. :)

    for pipes/spoon, i just pack it and smoke it till it done.
  8. well it depends on what size bowl i pack, usualy i corner it and get 2-3 good hits from my bong.

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