Do you grow in your parents house?

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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place but I'm curious to know how many people grow in their folks' home. I am one of them, my mom is totally cool with it. We make brownies together. She was against all that when I was in high school but once my parents split and we moved she kinda just stopped caring so I turned my room into a grow metropolis. I live at home and commute to school and work just so I can grow in safety!!!

    Anyone else doing something like this? Curious to know.
  2. i give you a good one :) i grow in my dad's house but i don't live with him :) lol. Honestly i do :)
  3. I admit in my younger days, my first grow was a shity CFL light grow... Mom asks me what I was growing, I then very slowly sugar toped what it was... she flipped lol... Ces't la vie... Shes tottaly cool with me smoking as she does as well... Now, no need to hide it LOL

  4. Almost my exact situation with my mom, eerie how similar really.....
  5. Maybe we have the same mom....

  6. my mum helps me haha my old mans not 2 keen but we hardily talk bout much..
  7. im growing for the first time. plants only sprouted a week ago so theyre not too big yet but i am growing them in my closet at my parents house. i move out monday though. otherwise i wouldnt have started growing them here. my mom told me a story about getting caught growing during college but i still think she'd get mad if she found my plants before i move out.
  8. Sup yaw, New to gc so i like to say whats up, my situation is ...i live with my mom, she doesnt mind if i grow she rather let me grow my own bud then buy something that might b laced...yea so not much of a budget when i started out,although she did buy me a 400mh light for my 15 bday. started n the basement ,really amazing telling your mom shit loads of ideas n techs,that bond..she knows i want to go to school medically so eh,long as the smell doesnt get outta control shes good.
  9. in 1999 i was 15 and I tried to discreatly grow in my parents house, my dad smokes and my mom dont, my dad trys to grow but he SUCKS at it. I picked up one of his books and stole some of his seeds and gave it a go..

    TO ANSWER YOUR ORIGINAL QUESTION i'll tell what I did: I hollowed out a dresser that has doors that swing open (bout 4' tall) I got a 24" double bulb floresent plant lights i bought at menards, lined the dresser with tin foil I used a store bought potting soil and quart sized empty yougert containers and it worked perfectly I used 24/7 light schedule for the first bunch of months and the nice thing about flouresent lights is they dont get very hot at all so you can put the light super close to the plant (so it'll keep the plant from growin too large) plus you dont have to worry about temp gettin too high in such a small area then I used a root stimulater after 4 weeks, I also opened the doors when I was home for ventalation, I had 4 beautiful super dank plants...
    it was my third grow and my first successful grow, I ended up gettin caught on that one cuz i left my bedroom door unlocked one day...
    but now that i'm older me and my parents talk freely and mom told me that
    my dad said "I've been growin sence the 70's and my 15 yr old kid grew a better crop then me in his dresser!" she also told me he wanted to keep em but she didn't let him
    i wear it like a badge of honor now.. lol i hope i helped you out on your idea JUST LOCK YOUR DOOR!!

  10. My mom started my plants LOL.
  11. My parents never would have been cool with me growing... Then one day that changed when my mom tried a joint of pot I had grown at my buddies place.... That's actually fairly recent too... Oh well, I'll probably only get one very small flowering in before I move out :p
  12. i started growing when my dad got sick and needed buds to help him eat and manage pain. it was really cool. i begged him to give it a shot and it worked great! unfortunately he didn't make it to my first crop but i did get to share many a joint with him before he left us. :D

    my mom was cool and let me do a few crops while i just sort of chilled out and dealt with my dads abrupt death. that was a few years ago and right now she is letting me do one more crop before i hit the road and set up shop elsewhere haha. i'm gonna get certified in greenhouse production and after that maybe head californee way.
  13. i was growing out back in the backyard. but it was a male and it's gone now.
    my dad thought it was cool and he was really interested, my mom didn't care because I wouldn't be spending my money on weed.
    I think i'm gonna ask if I can indoor though in my closet.
  14. lol This is awesome. I wish my mom would have been cool with it back in the day! But then again I have a really close friend who chose to grow in his closet at his parents house. It was fine for a while but soon enough they found out and he got kicked out of his house at 16 with no place to go and no money. Granted he got to come back a year later but. A year of being homeless for growing weed? I could have never risked it....
  15. I remember when I was 12 yrs old I tried growing sprouts in my window. I forgot to water and they died. lol
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    I grow in my closet. My parents both know I grow, and they're fine with it, as long as I keep it discreet, and not tell anybody (and not use too much electricity). Hell, my dad even gives me tips on growing.
  17. i wish i had thought of growing sooner. i bet my mom would have been cool with it
  18. you can still grow in your parents house even if they aint cool with it. just stealth out a spot under a fish tank, or ive hollowed out a mini fridge and lined it with mylar cut a hole in the back with exhaust fan and used it as a nursery for seedlings, i got four t5's under one of my fish tanks with a carbon filter and no one's ever been the wiser...lowryder is genious. youll see my thread later on of my stealth setups i got over 5 in the area and counting expotential growth my friends. :smoke:
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    I believe I still have pics lying around off the firts plant I grew to harvest. It was a beuty, right under my moms window and outa her line of sight. Eventually I caught my neighboors son hoping my fence cuz he heard my commin round the corner, saw a fuckin bud in his hand, well I went knocked on his door, his dad answers, so I tell his father what just happened. So he calls his kid over, he came in through the backdoor with a grass stain on his pants by his knee. Did you do this blah blah blah? No dad, I swear I dont do drugs. Good cuz im callin the cops...

    So i went and ripped my plant, good thing it was on its last week of flushing so I didnt miss out on too much, and set it too dry in my closet.

    The cops show and the man starts saying what happened, I took them around the back to show there was nothing there and that the kid got cought smoking and his father feels the need to blame someone other then himself or his own son. So the cops were like we'er gonna be watching this place for activity blah blah blah. eventualy they left.

    So later on that night I hear some kids caughing, I go outside and the fucker is trying to smoke it with some chicks, " I cant get it to burn" "Ive tryed 6 times already" blah blah blah, I was amused until this was said (in slow mo) "Its proooly nooot eevvennn reealll weeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddd" so I poked my head up and said" your supposed to dry the shit you dumb mother fuckers!" they nearly shit them selfs and went skampering inside there house.

    So I went, knocked on the door, his mother answered, so I told her what just happend, "Son!...Come here...why do you smell like smoke....blah blah...blah..."

    Sweet Sweet revenge muahahahahahahaha

    Edit: later that week I was smokin on some of the dankest cronic that fuckin kid ever smelt.

  20. hahah lol im sorry but some how i just know your canadian as because only one would find such a stoopid story amusing.

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