Do you give a shit?

Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. I don't seem to give a shit when people are mad, happy, sad, etc. around me or with me. I was called out about it today. I just don't give a shit if someone is mad at me. Some around me can't seem to understand this. I just let it all roll off my shoulders. I prefer to be by myself most of the time and I'm wondering if this is because I seem to find most people in general annoying. What do ya'll think?
  2. i think that i actually care too much. i need to take tips from you!

  3. HashPipe, I don't think it's a bad thing to care too much. There's nothing wrong with caring; that's human nature! I think it sends up a warning sign when someone DOESN'T care about anyone or anything around them. I, for one, cannot understand that mindset. I don't understand how someone can not care about the people around then who ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEM!

    I, for one, care very deeply about people, especially those who are close to my heart. It absolutely tears me apart when they act callous and non-chalant about my feelings.

    I will never understand how anyone can have completely no regard for the repercussions of their words, actions, etc. I will never understand how someone can hurt a person to the very core of their being, and somehow act like it's no big deal. I may be a little more emotional, touchy-feely than others, but I would rather be that way ANY DAY! I take pride in my ability to care about others and try to make them happy.
  4. sure the condition of those whom i like may evoke an emotional responce from me... but the mild and mundane i let slide.

    i know loads and loads of people who become far far too concerned and worked up over really little inconsequential things.
  5. I think that people take tiny situations and make them a huge problem. I see people freak over the details way too often and it annoys me more than anything. I usually laugh when people get mad at me. If they are mad, it more than likely has something to do with who I am and I'm not changing so I see no reason to sit around and be concerned about it when I can just laugh and move on.

    People who I truly care about will get all of my support when they are down and life has them in dispair but crying with them probably won't happen. I rarely cry so unless someone's died or I've really done something out of character to hurt someone I adore, it's (*more than likely) not going to happen. Because of my lack of emotion at certain times, some people tend to think I'm a cold-hearted bitch. I'm really not. I just have a different grasp on life and I react differently than most. I give a shit? I do up to a certain point...after that, not so much!

  6. Wow Rumjil, thought I was looking in the mirror when I read this. I also often laugh at people when they're mad at me. Pisses them off to no end, but as you said it's something to do with who I am and I refuse to change myself.

    And often people think I'm very cold-hearted because I just let it all roll off. It's life people, just deal with the fact things aren't always fair.

    I share that share grasp on life as you and it helps to see that it's not just me. Thanks. :)

  7. egsactly my statement! if i wouldnt feel so strange out by myself i would prefere it

  8. it was aaaages ago that i noticed u two share similar philosophies when it comes to reacting to ... to people and how they behave.

    i think i am probably guilty of letting shit trouble me too much from time to time. the condition is only noticeable if i havnt got any weed. i think its probably a defensive/protective thing to divert my attention from teh shit that really matters. hmmm... i kinda wanna go for a walk in my head now. .... sharoohooooms! :D maybe.
  9. if you want to walk around in your own head, jump on some salvia.
  10. you think?

    idk... everytime i took salvia it certainly didnt seem like just my head i was walking around in. .... salvia is weird. very weird. i'll stick to shrooms.

  11. lol, im glad to see that i'm not the only one that feels this way... :smoking:

  12. that's me

  13. co-sign
    that sounds a lot like me
  14. I care about how people feel, but I try to keep it all in perspective.
  15. I'm the same. Granted when I'm sober it's a bit more 'shut the hell up' then 'oh thats interesting...sounds good...hmmm'.
  16. Haha, no. I don't give a shit. I'm exactly like you Indiana when it comes to this.
  17. i dont give a shit if people are mad at me for no reason, however if i was a horrid dick, i like to apologize for my actions. But when people are just plain stupid and get all fucking hyped up for no big deal, i try to rub it in as much as possible.
  18. I don't necessarily care if someone is mad at me but I get kinda pissed when I am doing a favor for them such as smoking them out or drivin them around with me and they still find a reason to be pissed at me. By the next day its usually cool again though.
  19. back from several months of walking around in my own head

    im taking care of my balls
    and there is room for a couple of beers.

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