Do you girls like.....

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  1. Do you girls like to have your ass licked? I enjoy doing it, but she never actually asks for it.
  2. In for answers and blady opinions.

  3. ew, your a little too intouch with our mammalian side imo.... thats like digression, we suppose to be evolving! doing things to each other that animals can only dream of... not shit cubs do, my cats do that shit -_-
  4. Nope. No fingers in my butt either. And I will never get anywhere near a butt hole.
  5. Fresh out of the shower, I'm licking her ass.
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    Im with this guy
  7. Every girl I've tried it with for the first time has loved it.

    I ain't got no probs with licking ass, yo. :yay:

  8. If you say so
  9. ... i did. you quoted the same person as 2 people and got 1 other booty licker on your side. grats

    yall eatn shit, period.
    unless you eatn her poop shoot after a gettn her colon flushed
  10. most probably like it secretly but ill never do that

    im hella picky, ill only eat out blondes and brunettes with whiter skin

  11. Same if she's clean and Mexican or white and she's into that I'll lick that shit. I'm also a freaky fuck. I'd fuck a snake if someone held it for me.

  12. i cant tell if your talking about licking ass but im talkin about the vagine but i feel you i love to fuck things

  13. Damn. I thought licking a butthole was absurd, but fucking a snake is something else.
  14. Come one now, shit comes outta there! You know, the bad smelling kind.

    I dont rly understand anal nor asslicking.

    Isnt her mouth, pussy, boobs, and the rest of her body pleasurable enough for you to not go to her poop hole.
  15. I once read a thread on another forum written by a woman who prefers anal sex to vaginal sex. She said her and her husband have anal intercourse up to 6x per week.

    Can you imagine having a partner that let you plow her ass whenever you wanted?!
  16. Fuck no. I couldn't give it or receive it... Omg I've definitely gone down a few horny points after I like the regular kind of sexxing...for sure. I get pretty dirty but not that dirty... I think that's my limit... Fingers and ass, not too bad. Tongue and ass? No.
  17. Haha! "Horny points"
  18. Dude this is disgusting... I'm sorry.
  19. :laughing: HAHAH thats exactlyyy what mine was saying a year ago..:devious:
    A little butt play never hurt no one..But hey, Idk bout the ass to mouth shit. In any form.

  20. I said the same thing lol...

    but about fingers, not tongues. definitely NOT tongues.

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