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Do you get the munchies more when vaping?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ToxicShade, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Ive learned to control the urges to Eat Snacks and just generally be munching on food when Smoking cannabis.

    Ever since i got my Arizer Solo About a month ago, Ive only been Vaping,
    Compared to Smoking i Feel like i have a much stronger urge to Eat something when vaporizing.

    Anyone else feels the same way?
  2. haven't vaped in a few months but I'm gonna pull out my MFLB to test your theory lol
  3. I do get the bitch of the munchies when I smoke
    But when I vape I don't, it's like eating unlimited herbs so I don't need to eat any other food.

    I reckon vaping has been helping me lose weight, I've lost around 1kg each week since I started
  4. Are you serious?
    I thought it was just me haha. (My metabolism is quite strange) but I've noticed weight loss also
  5. I get mad fucking munchies. I could eat until I feel like puking, but still want to eat.
  6. i deffinately get munchies worse when i vape
  7. Should list your model of vape and temperature in which you vape at to help compare ;)
    I find I get mad munchies (Da Vinci - 375F/385F) 
  8. Smoking out of my bong honestly makes me more turned on, which can be an issue sometimes. But on the flip side, vaping does give me munchies big time. It's weird too, when sober I can't really eat many pizza combos without getting sick of them, but when high I can easily down 2 bags of them and want more. Also, the snack "Munchies" is amazing when you're high, should take a look at those.

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