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Do you get paranoid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thezool, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. i've found i've got more paranoid as my toking career has gone on. i used to be fine with toking just about anywhere. but now if i'm not anywhere i'm totally comfortable it always ruin my high by worrying and getting all anxious about getting caught. even in the garden in the midle of the day when nobody is home, i get a bit paranoid.

    i can go into it with a good mindset and knowing that everything is set up fine and i won't get caught, but then once i'm blazed it all changes and i start to worry.

    i'll admit it's all about my parents catching me. they both know i do it and have never mentioned even when i come in stinking like a grow house, yet i still get paranoid about them saying something. it's like i'm ashamed i've been toking up.

    anyone else get the same? it's just starting to annoy me. it takes alot of enjoyment away from getting high. wish i didn't give a shit again and stopped over worrying.

    i'm only like this when i'm toking btw, it doesn't seep into my sober life.
  2. you need to figure out that shit in your life so you can smoke in peace...... Move out if its becoming a real problem.
  3. Everyone gets paranoid sometimes but it all depends on your enviorment, and how high you get/ type of the weed. But i mean, if your by yourself in the woods, then it starts gettin dark sure, im going to get paranoid, or if a cop is near me.
  4. Paranoia is a side effect of smoking the dank stuff. But this is the way i see it, smoking buds obstracts the way you see/feel/hear gets amplified. Deep down inside i feel that you are afraid to get busted even if you aren't doing anything wrong, and when you start smoking it just amplifies those feelings. I usually feel the same as you but thats ever since i was pinched by the boys in blue. Just remember man its all about how smart you plan your actions and making sure your execution isn't sloppy.

    Once you have confidence in yourself then the paranoia will go away...and as for getting pinched by parents/friends/or authories, if its bound to happen it always will.
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    I smoke in my moms house regularly at least 2 times a day. Its as easy as walking next door to the bathroom, prepping my bong, grind my weed,toke,walk back to the bathroom and rinse my bong then go back in my room and light some incense. I dont smoke joints or blunts anymore in my room because of the smell. I never really get paranoid

    Havent been caught once. Of course there were the days where i wouldnt feel safe toking in my room but then i just pushed through it
  6. I feel ya man. Even when I was toking at home with my parents, when no one was home, in my backyard, where there are fences, I'd still feel a little paranoid that my parents were going to randomly come home, or that someone would just walk back there. At first I'd be like "I can't wait to smoke, nothings gonna go wrong," and then after I was almost done and was very high, thoughts of paranoia would kick in, I'd be like "OH SHIT, whats that sound? Is that someone coming home? oh no, just a twig." Nothing would go wrong, I'd just get really anxious and paranoid.

    But it's just mind games, I guess it can be a good thing or a bad thing. It keeps you aware of your surroundings, but I just hate all the negative thoughts that can accompany paranoia like "I don't wanna get caught, fuck I'm so high right now if someone sees me they'll know," just stupid shit like that. If you're home alone and got done toking, theres no need to feel paranoid. If on the other hand, your parents pull up as you're finishing (assuming they don't like you smoking), then the feelings of "oh shit" are actually rational.

    Just realize its in your head, and think about it rationally. If no one is home, and isn't going to be home for a while, why would someone sneak up on you when you're outside? It doesn't make sense. Just enjoy smoking and don't let those thoughts bug you, eventually you'll not think that way at all anymore and will just laugh at paranoia like I do.
  7. I still get the feeling the FBI is following yes.
  8. yea it can seem like an effort to keep your mind focused on reality sometimes. i'll calm down and be like "wait a second... this is ridiculous lol" then 5 seconds later my mind is like "fuuck what was that noise?"
  9. Yea I know trust me lol, it can also be the strain too. I find indicas just get me straight up baked as fuck, I just have such a strong body high without the paranoia, and some sativas give me a head high that makes me have those fucking mind games.

    I also found that smoking the bowl a little more fast than usual when I'm outside made it basically "hit me at once" when I'm already almost done, this took away the paranoia but didn't really let me enjoy the bowl much. I'd take a big hit, hold it, exhale, wait maybe 5 seconds and breathe rapidly to get some fresh air in my lungs, then take another hit, hold, exhale, wait 5 seconds and breathe fast, and repeat till the bowl was gone. This basically made smoking a bowl super fast, and by the time I was done the high had just started to really get strong, so the paranoid thoughts didn't even stand a chance cause I'd be walking inside already.
  10. I never get paranoid when I'm by myself , but sometimes when I'm with not too bright people I get a lil paranoid .

    Idk , if anything I'm way less paranoid now then I was 4 years ago when I just started smoking .
  11. Only if I'm not in a comfortable situation, i.e. if I'm out at a club or something and have to smoke on the downlow.

    Other than that I've never dealt with problems with paranoia.
  12. I get so paranoid sometimes. I just get this feeling that something is going to go wrong and I am usually pretty careful but everyone makes a mistake sooner or later. That's what I'm more worried about
  13. when Im Bong cruising I get paranoid sometimes but it's kool
  14. Control comes with experience. When I first started toking I was SCARED of being SCARED. Now I realize the effects of the herb, what to do and what not to do. I hope that makes sense im really baked and can't reread what i typed
  15. ive found the best method for not worrying about this, its called not giving a fuck. i use to worry about it all the time but now i just dont care let people think what they want just toke up and ride out the high there's a difference between getting anxious and trusting your gut feeling tho if something doesn't feel right to me i always trust my gut. idk thats just me tho but ive had a few close calls where my rents have come home literally straight after i blew a hit out when me and my buddy were having bongs, idk whether they knew or not but everything turned out fine so now i just dont sweat stuff like that, hell i sesh out the window when they're awake and moping around in the room next door.
  16. I always found that having a good head on your shoulders is more likely to create a paranoid high. My logic behind this is that you over think things when you are high and it literally makes you think about any possible outcome that could happen while high.
  17. Lol what do you mean you've always found, have you experienced life as someone other than you? You've had one head I hope.

    If you're anxious and stuff sober you'll probably have some anxiety when you're high.
  18. you might have become uncomfortable living with your parents. not a bad thing. just reached that point.
  19. Next time you get paranoid, slowly blow a steady stream of air on to your thumb. Calms you down. Look it up.
  20. i know what you mean, when i first started smoking i used to think people were talking about me. But then i realised it was only the bud talking, so that doesnt happen anymore.

    Although when i smoke at home im super carefull about that get left where, even gotta blow away that ash from the J. Once all that is taken care of im fine thought, You just gotta know they dont expect you to be high so dont act high. Just be normal.

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