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Do you get paranoid being high in public?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 940351, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hey I'm a new member here and I'm just curious to hear what other people have to say about how they feel when they're high around strangers and in public.

    Little about me:

    I would define myself as an extrovert and introvert hybrid, but more on the extrovert side. When I meet people for the first time, I kind of examine them before I speak them, if get on well with them I become very social however if they're not the type of people I would usually hang around with I become less conversative. It's not because I'm shy rather that I am just uninterested in having a conversation with them simply because I have nothing in common with them.

    However when I'm high, I hate meeting new people, no matter who they are, or being in public for that matter. I only smoke weed with close friends and always in my house, their houses, in forests or on the beach when there's nobody (in winter or at night). I feel that when I'm high in public everybody's looking at me with their judgemental eyes and criticizing me and when it comes to meeting new people I feel as if I can't be myself because they'll criticize me. Note this only happens to me when I'm high, on that same day when I'm not under the influence anymore I can completely integrate in society again and meet new people, without a bother, being myself 100%.

    An example would be when I went to a party and everyone was smoking weed so I decided to take a couple of hits from a joint and then afterwards I got really paranoid and would only speak with my friends. I didn't speak with anyone I didn't know, obviously because I felt that they would judge me. I have been in public high before without being paranoid, but it was because I hadn't smoked much and I had been drinking mostly, hence I was more under the effect of alcohol as oppose to Mary Jane.

    So I ask, how do you feel while you're high? Can you go out in public care free or do you prefer do be isolated location such as your house, a friend's house or in nature? Can you get high with anyone or do you prefer to only smoke marijuana with your friends?
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  2. Welcome to GC :D

    Nah I don't smoke in public here only in my house or my friends places.

    Back in Jamaica I used to stand out on my porch and smoke tho.
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  3. In my country smoking weed is not an issue so I don't get paranoid about getting caught but I do get paranoid about other stuff like falling off the roof or getting robbed
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  4. Glad to be here :biggrin:

    Cool, thanks for the response.
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  5. Hahaha. Are you Dutch by any chance?
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  6. I've been to Amsterdam but I'm from Pakistan, the original home of marijuana lol
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  7. Cool. I'd love to go there, since it's legal over there, I would definitely smoke in public seeing how it's legal and people don't look down on stoners so I wouldn't be paranoid at all.
  8. At least 70% of people here think of weed as a traditional medicine for practically every disease, the remaining 30% don't know what to think of it lol some think it' bad because of the way people talk about it in other countries but hash is illegal in Pakistan (except tribal areas where there is no law) and is considered a drug by most educated people even though it's from the same plant as weed :( I guess it's because dealers often add chemicals and other "secret ingredients" to make it stronger and to increase the weight. Over here it's best to get hash from people who grow and produce it in the tribal areas because city dealers will spray it, especially in poor areas like the so-called "colonies" aka the ghetto.
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  9. I do get paranoid when I smoke abroad, for example, in London. I've already got warned twice
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  10. Nah, only been a little bit but i was walking right past the police station and had no other way to get to where I was going
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  11. I don't get paranoid but I always analyze the environment I'm in, it makes me feel much more comfortable.
    I don't really believe anyone is judging so being out in public is fine for me.

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  12. #12 Deleted member 940351, Mar 13, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2016
    I hate hash and tobacco also. Hash is like the leftovers of weed manufactured into a product that only produces a fraction of the effects of weed. Just like a hotdog is made from the leftovers of all sorts of meat, hash to me is the same.

    Here a gram of hash costs the same as a gram of weed. I'll take the real deal any day over some shit made in a factory, that's also much more potent and natural for the same price.
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  13. I'd rather not be in public when I'm high I just wanna be at a safe spot to myself and enjoy my high there
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  14. LOL, so these days naw i love being high man, anytime anywhere nun like going out while high.

    Buttt, back in the day when i first started i was like 14 or 15, i remember i would be walking back from my friends place through the park while high as shit. Like when i say high as shit, you have no idea LMAO.... So all i could remember was i couldnt walk right, my legs kept feeling like they where shaking n i remember i was lookin at ppl to remember how to walk like a normal person haha. So this girl n her friend walk up to me and start askin me wassup how im doin ect, but i couldnt hear shit! It sounded like they where speakin another language completely, i remember i jus kept walking ignoring them trying to walk normal n shit then she starts screamin at me talkin bout how rude i am n shit, i just keep walking (later feel bad for this) but i was gone dude i couldn't even function, all i wanted to do was get home and chow down n pass tf out. Hahaa good times i miss being able to get that high, although don't miss those awkward ass moments. Cheers

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  15. Sometimes
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  16. I'm constantly high in public so I've become pretty accustomed to it. But yes- at first it took some getting used to lol

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  17. I get paranoid if I have bud on me.
    I love being high and being around the regular people. Watching them stress out over stupid things in life lol
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  18. Not anymore. Back when i started in 1990, sure. Now, I love copping a buzz and making conversation. Good weed actually stimulates my brain and I can converse with almost anything.

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  19. High class stoner detected.
  20. Nah I'm stoned all the time at the gym or just walking around town. Lol

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