Do you get offended when people call you names?

Discussion in 'General' started by As Above So Below, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Do you? In general I see people getting upset over the smallest stuff, being called names is one of them.
    Recently went to a party and saw a fight because the other guy was talking shit about his mom and family and whatnot.
    I just sat there and laughed my ass off.
    People have called me every name in the book. Doesn't even phase me. Talk all the shit you want about me or my family, doesn't affect me at all. Because in the end none of it's true.
    Are you one of those people who will resort to violence over being called a name?
    A prime example is being called an N. 
    I've seen so many people go ape shit over that. It's funny how one word can make people go crazy.

  2. nope
    they don't know me bro
    little do they know, i'm too stoned to care :smoke: . and, they could be too if they weren't such a douche :laughing:
    "Hey fuck you man!"
    Ok  :smoking:  :smoking:  :smoking:  :smoking:
  4. Sticks and stones, blah blah blah.
  5. Na bruh. Someone could say anything they want right directly to my face and at the VERY most they will get knocked and I won't be upset about it. At all.

    What do you mean they will get "knocked"? Like knocked out?
  7. Never met anyone in adulthood dumb enough to call me a name tbh :smoke:
  8. I often like to believe that I would go hee man on a fool if they talked to me wrongly. But in reality, I hardly ever leave my couch and last time I was called a name I was like 10 lol.

  9. lucky you
  10. Im a very large man!
    That must be nice lol. I meet different people all the time and sometimes we just don't click. 
  12. I pee on their mailbox to assert dominance
    That's funny. I was actually just about to post that you must be a large 6 foot buff man :laughing:
    No one talks shit to the big guy!
  14. Yeah like if I did anything to anyone over my own emotion I would simply just hit them and one should would do. I like go believe I handle myself well. But I'm not talkin about being called a name. I'm talking some grown man is drunk and clearly needs to go to sleep. I'm not a child.

  15. Youd be amazed. They actually always start shit with the big guy. Only gotta get a hold of one and the rest tuck their balls n run!

    I was larger before my illness, 6 foot 245. Now im 210ish, but i learned to use my brain after judge warned me next time i use my hands i go to prison. Almost killed that last guy!
    Ah okay lol. 
  17. Holy hell.

    Can you be the bouncer at my next party? :laughing: :laughing:
    And yeah, you don't seem like the prison type! Glad you learned to use your head. I've known some people who didn't learn and let's just say their up at KDOC LOL.
  19. Im the only in the family hasnt been shot or been to prison, knock on wood.

    Knock on wood again.

    My little brothers bigger. 6 foot 4 290lbs. His dads german and mines irish so we got different genes, but i still beat him like a red headed step child!
  20. Racial (or any prejudicial) remarks kind of strike a nerve inside of me, not because of what word they use, but because of the hate you feel behind the words.
    Is that understandable?
    Like, I don't get mad/hate racial slurs, but when you feel the hate and ignorance emanate from the individual, it does upset me.
    Do I ever resort to violence?
    No.  but I was briefly in the USN and I do indeed swear like a sailor without meaning to.

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