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Do you get motivated or chill

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fungardner, May 26, 2009.

  1. Do you get motivated or chill when smoked up?

    When I smoke I tend to work like a dog. Things just kinda flow easier. But when I'm off I tend to chill out most of the time but have been known to get up and do stuff. How about you?

  2. I like to do both. I am more inclined to do something while smoking sativa, but both let me enjoy labor. While high I get into whatever I am doing and it is like a little game and I just get into it... like driving I am a nascar racer.

    Sorry I am baked. :smoking:

    Simply put yea I do get more motivated.
  3. I chill probably 95% of the time. I do my work before and weed is like the gift at the end. So maybe it motivates me to do work? But not while high. Unless I randomly feel like painting shit.
  4. It really depends on my mindset, if I'm feeling energetic I'm going to go do something fun while baked, If I'm in the mood to just relax then I'm going to fire up my bong and enjoy the view from my chair lol.
  5. Exactly.

    Sometimes I want to go for a cruise with the top down, other times I want to sit in bed playing Grand Theft Auto or Left 4 Dead
  6. Definately depends on whether i'm smoking sativa or indica, mindset counts too...unless i'm smoking some reggies.... then it's always chill.
  7. Yeah it depends on my mindset before I start smoking and then that mindset is emphasized.
  8. Left 4 Dead is the shit.
  9. If I have things to do and I decide to smoke before, motivated.
    If I have nothing to do and I decide to smoke endlessly, chill.
  10. I chill a lot more than i get motivated, but i ocassionally start projects around the house for my parents benefits just because i'm high, feel good, and want to do something nice. I've cleaned both of there cars in the middle of the night, inside was detailed from leather seats, dashboard, to windows, and a vaccuuming each. Then i've cleaned out the garage and totally reorganized it all starting at 1 am - 5 am. It takes time when you are doing more than just cleaning and actually planning and organizing it all so it will stay clean and will always find things.

    stuff like that...
  11. both. handle your business and when you have taken care of all your shit, then you can chill.

    all about balance, you must have both to maintain sanity and happiness ;)
  12. it's nice to have a couple of hits in the morning before you leave, but not to smoke a full bowl or anything or else i lose a lot of energy i could have had if i didn't.

    weed to me is also a motivational thing because i treat it as a reward; i just get my stuff done and when it's there, i get concentrated and do my work, however if i smoke too much i just chill and don't feel like doing anything lol.
  13. i hear you when talking about likes its a game, haha feeling accurate n' shit haha
  14. sometimes i get fuckin zonked and just want to sit silently or pass out. but sometimes i get all bored and antsy and want to clean my whole house or go on a mission of some sort. all with the same strain of weed! just depends on my day.
  15. i just chilllllllllll
  16. For me, it doesn't seem to matter if I smoke indica or sativa, whether it's night or day, or whether I'm tired or full of energy. Every time I smoke I get chilled out. I don't mean to say I get stony and couch locked every time but, I dunno I guess I just like to sit and think when I get high. Just enjoy the way I'm feeling and thinking and stuff. Besides, moving around tends to make me feel less high, or kinda crappy high most of the time.
  17. Why isn't this a poll?
    I get motivated. :rolleyes:

    everyone knows weed makes you unmotivated....

    I just like to do things when I'm high and not sit around all day cause I smoke everyday. If I did nothing while I was high I would get nothing done in my life. It's fun to go out and do shit while high, it makes you feel better about yourself.
  18. Truth!
  19. Depends on what kind of weed you smoke.

    Shwag makes me tired and lazy

    Some regs make me wanna chill

    Some dank will make me hyper as fuck

    i guess you get what you pay for...
  20. most of the time i am chill, i don't feel like a potato sack on the couch but i don't really feel like studying for tests or doing homework either (if you consider that motivation), but almost all the time i crave driving around my car listening to anything techno/trance, prefferably progressive house.

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