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Do you get more THC this way

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RWK Nova, May 23, 2010.

  1. Alright lets say you were smoking with some friends or alone and you got the first hit instead of cornering it if you just torched the bowl like literally the whole thing would you get more THC out of this and it become a more powerful hit?
  2. You would get a really big hit

    but you'd also deserve a slap to the face
  3. Friend: dude, you just torched the whole fucking bowl

    You: don't worry man, I'll get higher so it's all cool

    Friend: :mad:

    You: :bolt:
  4. No because here the thing thc doesnt need to be light on fire to activate just heated so by torching the bowl heat is spread throughout the entire bowl thus vaporizing it and wasting
  5. Bigger hits = more smoke / smoking faster
    Smaller hits = less smoke / smoking slower

    Either way, you're smoking weed. So you do not get more THC from taking a bigger hit, you get the same as if you'd taken two hits or one.

  6. LMFAO! Yeah that's totally selfish, especially if its not your's.

  7. If you're smoking alone, do it however you damn well please. If you're smoking with other people, then it would be a dick move.
  8. Im never done that im a big supporter of cornering. Im just asking if you are smoking by yourself or smoking out a freind. you can do this
  9. The amount of THC is mostly dependent on how much smoke runs off the bowl. If you corner it and it stays cherried and smoke is pouring out of your bowl and no one is hitting it, thats wasted THC. Now if you let no run off, whether you are cornering or not, you won't be losing very much THC (some you lose indefinitely however.)

    Simply put, don't let the weed burn if no one is hitting it and you will get optimal THC intake.
  10. I have an idea what if you put a glass bottle or something over the bowl so you can inhale it later
  11. lol what? just pack single hits or what i do is cover the top of the bowl and carb so there is no oxygen and the cherry will go out thus not losing smoke

  12. Sure I guess that could work, But I mean its alot simpler just to shove the corner of your lighter into the bowl that usually puts the cherry out. Plus the smoke would get stale if it sits in the bottle too long.

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