do you get more from a seed then a clone?

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  1. title is pretty clear. which do you get more bud off of?
  2. either should be the same. I guess if you get exact, the clone starts out more mature so i guess the clone, if its outdoors. if its indoor you can make it vegitate as long as you want and make it flower when you want so the same results should be had with either.

  3. be it a seed or a clone it is still the same plant. cloning is only a means of getting guaranteed female plants so it is a better option unless your growing feminized seeds.
  4. probably a clone, simply because most clones are from plants that have shown a better phenotype than most of the other plants of the same strain, or has had a clone taken due to some great characteristic that the mother plant had over other plants(taste, yield, potency, color, etc.)
  5. If you give a seed and a clone the same period of time, starting with a ready to cut clone and a dry seed and they both eventually start 12/12 at the same time, the clone will be more developed than the seed and so it hasgreater yield potential...

    However, if they were both vegged to the same size (seed would need to start first on veg or after on flowering) they should be ablout the same...

    Also worth noting, grow a seed to full maturity and a clone from that mother will outperform the original grow with identical genetics.
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    i think clones are faster once they root they is no seedling stage
    right in to veg. i would say if you started a seed and clone at the same time
    the clone will grow faster because of the seedling stage takes about 3 weeks
    for a clone to root is 1-2 weeks

    you must remember seed must germ before seedling stage will start
  7. Pretty much the same. But, most likely the clone will get more, since they're usually farther along in the growing process than a seed is.
  8. none of you guys have read about, or seen in person, Hybrid Vigor? The seed for sure.
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    Seed, no question

    Aside from heterosis (hybrid vigor), I use a specific training regimen for plants going under the screen. (see my tut in sig) that can only be done when you start from seed because you are controlling the structure and layout of the plant as it grows. (a form a lst that increases my yields)
  10. over time, clones will produce less and less bud. seed is better in terms of consistant yield, but clones are faster.
  11. Toledo and LBH take home the medals

    clones are more convenient then seeds IMHO, and allow for a nice homogenous crop to be started and harvested at the same time..

    and then clones are kinda a must for a breeder.. (but that is a totally different thread)

    although I think both are off on why ( Heterosis works both ways positive and negative) .. I say it is because of tap roots ( that clones are lacking)

  12. not really true of you have a stable and well kept mother ...
  13. Well, if they were both grown for the same exact time...
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    that is true, but chances are the mothers were probably grown from seed. clones from clones from clones will produce less is what i was getting at.

  15. ahh sorry got it ..and yup that is pretty much a guarantee.
  16. thanks for the answers guys.. last ear i grew all clones and this is the first year ive startd with seeds. i acutally got a super skunk clone from my friend. well over a ft. when i got it. i think my seedlings were just a couple inches when i put it in the ground. now every single one of my seedlings has way out grown the clone.. funny thing is the seeds are all in 5 gal buckets and the clone is in the ground. will not know until the end ofe year but im thinking the seeds will produce more. there monsters compaired to the clone
  17. The human element seems to be the biggest factor, correct me if in wrong.. If you Lst, scrog, supercrop, ect.. So the answer is equal depending on the grower and the techniques used..
  18. genetics is just as much a factor as environment.
  19. Genetics ?. . I can only assume we are talking about the same genotype
  20. the same genotypes will produce different phenotypes even given the same environment, and even with clones.

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